Dana (letsey_x) wrote,

Spam me with quotes/lyrics?

I'm trying to make icons but I totally have lost it:) I find it goes easier when I know some text to put onto it, though. So I'd love you forever if you could spam me with quotes from shows or movies or (short) lyrics. Leave as many as you want, hopefully they'll inspire me!

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You only hear me when you're miles away

- Hybrid's Formula of Fear
And now all your love will be exercised

Holy water cannot help you now

We were cold and we were clear

We are shining and we’ll never be afraid again

I don't want no future
I don't need no past
One grand moment
Is all I ask

And all of the ghouls come out to play

Every demon wants his pound of flesh

This has been a florence + the machine caption comment)) hope it helps somehow))

"but that, children, is canabalism"

"I need more drugs."

"That's when I felt it the first time, the universe was cocking the fuck-with-me gun"

my heart is beating like a hammer

killing all they could

here we are, bending feet
in the dark before dreamless sleep

somebody save me from the world you left

I shutter when I think that I might not be here forever forever forever

the cunning clock raped my time and vanished
this bottle wont give me luck until it is finished
don't break up dawn to drive me far away
just let me play
Some Britta quotes:

Feast your ear tongues on these memory pops.

Humanity is premiering, you jags!

Together, my cats can do anything.

You should be like Jo from Facts of Life!

A lifetime of disappointments has given me douche-ray vision.

Pour the rum in my eyes
Tell me lies

"Drunken Lament," Ludo


And to see me made her awful sad
And to touch me made her awful sad

"Oedipus," Regina Spektor


I've never had unpaid confidantes
It's more than I would care to explain
But I have an open door policy when it comes to blame

"Sick Sad Little World," Incubus



'Ever the river has risen and brought us the flood,
the mayfly floating on the water.
On the face of the sun its countenance gazes,
then all of a sudden nothing is there!

The Epic of Gilgamesh


So farewell hope and with hope farewell fear!
Farewell remorse! All good to me is lost.
Evil, be thou my good.

Paradise Lost by John Milton


Think’st thou that I who saw the face of God,
And tasted the eternal joys of Heaven,
Am not tormented with ten thousand hells,
In being depriv’d of everlasting bliss?

The Tragicall History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe


Ev’ry leaf, and ev’ry whisp’ring breath
Convey’d a foe, and ev’ry foe a death.

The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano
"Cara... your loyalty and devotion are touching, but I'm afraid you are no match for the Seeker"
"You are forgetting Richard's weakness: compassion. He still cares for me. When the moment comes, he won't be able to finish me off. And that's when I'll kill him"
From "Black" (Danger Mouse w/ Norah Jones)

a)To the church, no intent to repent on my knees
Just to cry

b)We can't afford to ignore that I'm the disease

c)Looking up at those stars in the sky those white clouds have turned it black

(The entire song is awesome and quotable.)
I don't put text on icons too often, mostly because I'm very bad at it, but I keep a text file on my computer where I save quotes, lyrics and other stuff for possible future use.

various Luther related tidbits:
alice: "are you trying to beguile me?"
alice: "you shine so bright."
john: "i'm coming for you." alice:"not if i come for you first."
john:"so I see you escaped." alice:"like a princess from her tower."
alice: "i'm the roadrunner. meep-meep."

random lyrical bits & stuff:
it must be something in my blood - the veils "night thoughts of a tired surgeon"
you should see my scars - garbage "bleed like me"
what a flammable heart i've been given - freelance whales "location"
you and i make a lovely shape - cloud cult "2x2x2"
demons in the design - ok go "a good idea at the time"
just like the movies - !!! "myth takes"
this heart's a stranger, and you love it 'cause it's dangerous like yours - mister heavenly "bronx sniper"
falling down a rabbit hole - - p!atd "c'mon (with fun.)"
reckless things - muse "falling away with you"
forget about my tainted heart - lykke li "little bit"
siren with a sad song - lana del rey "driving in cars with boys"
this empty heart you left me with - the black keys "nova baby"
you’re a wolf, boy - sea wolf "you're a wolf"
a certain kind of sadness - gotye "somebody that i used to know
your love is gold - james vincent mcmorrow "hear the noise that moves so soft and low"
you have my heart - angus & julia stone "for you"
broken accidental stars - metric "the list"
you’re a wolf, boy - sea wolf "you're a wolf"
And wild we burned - jj "new work"