Dana (letsey_x) wrote,

picspam: Merlin 3x12

Sir Leon Lives!


I guess we now know how he survived that dragon fire last year as well. Those druids are one hell of a fan club.

Look at that BAMF workin' that cape.


Mr. Morgan, your face is doing things to my feelings again.


Arthur: I know where we're going, it's just I can't tell you.
Merlin: Right, 'cause if you do, you'd have to kill me I suppose.
Arthur: Immediately and without hesitation.
Merlin: ...Right.


Maybe just this once, we'll have no trouble!

Come on. Arthur, come on!

Arthur: You're going with them.
Merlin: No, I'm not.
Arthur: That's an order!
Merlin: To hell with your orders, you come with me.

Arthur: You're disobeying orders, Merlin, I'll have you in the stocks for this!
Merlin. Fine. Now stay put!


Arthur: Take it easy!
Gwaine: It's got to look real, isn't it?

Arthur: What part of the word "secret" did you not understand?
Merlin: It's...Gwaine!

The way he said that, he obviously meant "I have no secrets for my boyfriend! We share everything!".

Gwaine: My penis is obviously the biggest and best.
Arthur: Please. I have a royal penis which has been trained since I was little.
Merlin: My penis is fucking magical, not that either of you has noticed!

That's what I heard anyway.

That picture of Merlin cracks me up so much.



Cenred: Are you threatening me?
Morgause: Trust me Cenred, when I'm threatening you, you'll know about it.

Morgause: Did I not say that when I threatened you, you'd know about it? Well, now you know.

LOL. Bye, Hot King Cenred. I will miss your dirty conversations with Morgause and your hair! Other than that you were a bit boring, to be honest.


Morgana: Not everyone has to die.
Gwen: What do you mean, not everyone...?
Morgana: Those that defy them. Those that choose to fight, they will surely die. Those who do not resist, those that choose to welcome change, they will have a future here. Everyone has a choice, Gwen.
Gwen: *looks shocked, then puts on a smile* You know I have always been loyal to you, Morgana. And I always will be.
Morgana: *smiles* Then have no fear. No harm will come to you, I can promise you that.

OH MY GOD THE PERFECTION OF THIS SCENE. Let's just forget Morgana had no problem condemning Gwen to death in 3x10, shall we. SHE JUST WANTS GWEN TO BE BY HER SIDE. 


Uther: You're right. Of course you are.


Uther: This is unlawful! You cannot do this, you have no right to the throne!
Morgana: No, she does not. But I do. I am your daughter, after all.

By the power invested in me, I crown thee, Morgana Pendragon, Queen of Camelot.

Click on the thumbnail for the bigger version.
I've also uploaded gifs from 3x10 and 3x11 here, but I'm too lazy to put them in this post.

Next week: Lancelot! Round table! Excalibur! Freya! Uther crying!

I'll post my favorites on my Tumblr myself,
if there are others you'd want on there I don't mind if you post them as long you give a link back.

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