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picspam: merlin 3x07



Arthur: Morgana, I think I can rely on your protection?
Morgana: Of course.
Arthur: Gwen…you’ll look after Merlin, won’t you?
Gwen: *laughs*


Singing songs by the campfire...



Merlin: All I know is, you're back home, safe, with your friends. You don't have to face this alone.


Merlin: *grabby hands*
Arthur: Not now, Merlin. ...later.


Morgana: Aaah! What are you doing?!
Arthur: Trust me, I don't like it anymore than you do!

LOL. and hello, Katie's ass. Nice to meet you!


Morgause: You're a cruel man, Cenred.

Basically, she's saying she likes him.

Cenred: I do this only to please you.
Morgause: Is that so? Then please me.



Morgana, would you do me the honor of making me the happiest witch on earth?

Telling their friends about the happy engagement...

No Cenred, you cannot join. This night is for me and my bride.

HER FAAAACE. Looks like someone isn't above caring after all!


This is the face of COCKBLOCKED!!!!!
Don't worry kids, Richard & Kahlan got cockblocked ALL the time and they still managed to get it on a couple times.

It's what you do when you love someone.




Morgana: What do you want, Merlin.
Merlin: Arthur sent me. He wanted to make sure that you were ok.
Morgana: How very thoughtful of him.
Merlin: Well he cares for you. You know, Gwen too. They're your friends, Morgana. They've always been loyal to you.
Morgana: Why are you telling me this?
Merlin: Because I don't understand how anyone would want to hurt their friends.
Morgana: No, you just poison them.

As much as I LOVE her comeback, what a waste of a perfectly good opportunity to let her explain her motivations. Really, just a "they never did anything to stop the prosecution of people with magic" would already be something.

Morgana: You'd do well, Merlin, to stay out of things that do not concern you.
Merlin: Oh, but they do concern me, 'cause they're my friends too. And I'll do whatever it takes to protect them.
Morgana: I would expect nothing less.

They are going to be SO HOT when they're finally going to be able to fight with magic against each other. Not that this wasn't smoking already, but the dropping wood on his toes was a bit weak to be honest, Morgana. Gotta work on that!

Merlin: Trouble sleeping?
Morgana: If you have a problem, Merlin, why don't you talk to Arthur about it? No? Well, keep your mouth shut then.

Last cap= Colin's impression of "kicked puppy".

Things that NEED to happen, I don't care in which season:
1. Morgana needs to know about Merlin's magic
2. And then she can use that to her advantage and put a spell on him to make him evil, because at some point in the series I want an evil!Merlin episode, ok.
3. Then they will have hot, evil, magical sex.

Alternatively, I'm willing to substitute 3 with "Merlin doesn't go evil, but him and Morgana have hot, magical hatesex instead". I'm flexible.

Random caps

If you thought this cap wouldn't be in the spam, you don't know me at all.

Click on the thumbnail for the bigger version

Next week: the Gwaine-Merlin romance continues!

I'll post my favorites on my Tumblr myself,
if there are others you'd want on there I don't mind if you post them as long you give a link back.

Sooo we're in the middle of the season! It seems a lot of people are running away in frustration (understandable), but I don't know, so far I'm enjoying this season SO MUCH MORE than season 2, even if Smirkgana is nothing like the person she used to be. When I just go with "she's evil now and someone better than me will write the fic of how she became that way in the year we never saw" I'm really loving this season.

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