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picspam: Merlin 3x06

Didn't have time for a picspam last week, but I'll post the gifs from 3x05 here. The picspam for this week is basically Princess Elena (because she's obviously the love of my life) and some random scenes and caps I loved!

Princess Elena

Ahh, what a great start for a character. LOL. I'm just gonna imagine she's still not the perfect lady even without the fairy.

*puts shoes with heels on*
Grunhilda: Perfect!
Elena: Perfect for what?! Certainly not for walking in!

and in that moment, I knew it was love.

Arthur: Slow down!
Elena: No chance!

I'm just going to live on happily thinking she's still out there inappropriately hugging men.


Elena: I'm not the perfect princess, am I?
Grunhilda: Oh, poppycock! What does that mean, anyway? "perfect princess". Sounds perfectly boring!


Aww, she cleans up well:) Though I loved the messy hair as well.

Elena: I wish you well, Arthur Pendragon. I hope one day we'll find the love that we deserve. In the meantime, if you ever want to be beaten in a horse race...you know were to find me.


I LOVE HER SO. She was clumsy and awkard and could't keep her hair or her food unmessy, but I like that they still showed her as a nice person and didn't gave Arthur an easy reason not to want to marry her.

Scenes I loved:

LOLOL MORGANA. I guess being evil really does make you smarter. It only took her about 1,5 years to notice!

Merlin: I brought you your ceremonial sword.
Arthur: Is it for me to fall on?
Merlin: Hopefully not! What's wrong?
Arthur: You wouldn't understand, Merlin. You have no idea what it's like to have a destiny. You can't escape.
Merlin: Destinies...are troublesome things. You feel trapped, like your whole life has been planned out for you, and you've no control over anything, and sometimes you don't even know if what destiny decided is really the best thing at all.
Arthur: How come you're so knowledgeable?
Merlin: Hmm? I read a book!

Merlin: I think you're mad, I think you're all mad. People should marry for love. Not convenience. And if Uther thinks an unhappy king makes for a stronger king, then he is wrong. 'Cause you may be destined to rule Camelot, but you have a choice...as to how you do it.


Arthur: Wait.
Geoffrey: Is there something you'd like to say, Arthur?
Arthur: It's something I should've said a long time ago. Something from the heart that dare not speak. Elena, you are...a wonderful woman. A beautiful bride. But I cannot deny my feelings.
Elena: You do not love me.
Arthur: *shakes his head* And I think, if you're honest, you do not love me either.
Elena: No.
Arthur: Then we are both here out of duty. Can you forgive me?
Elena: I agree with all you have said. Thank you, Arthur.

LOOOOOVE IT. First of all because Elena didn't just turn into a "perfect princess" who wants to marry the prince and is "a girl", she still had her personality, just not the clumsiness and adorably bad hair. Second, SHE WASN'T EVIL as I feared, which would've meant Arthur never would have to make a choice, but HE DID. NO RESET BUTTON. HAPPY DANCE FOR ME. Also, Angel does an amazing "million emotions at once" face here. Her and Colin should have a million-emotions-at-once-face-off someday.


Arthur: So...I'm still a single man.
Gwen: Indeed. I don't think you deserve her, actually. She's really very lovely.
Arthur: Hmm. Well, I had hoped to forsake her for one equally as lovely. Who knows...even moreso?
Gwen: I do not know such a person.
Arthur: Me neither. But I guess...only time will tell.

I think this scene is pretty much the same as in Sweet Dreams (except they're both talking about Gwen now, that's a plus :D) but when their faces are so adorable, how can I do anything but love it?! also, Gwen thinks Elena is really very lovely. COME BACK, ELENA, AND BE FRIENDS WITH GWEN.


Random caps I loved

Click on the thumbnail for the bigger version.


Next week: Gwen has a brother, has scenes with Merlin, and gets manipulated by team Morgana/Morgause. Could this...be an episode with screentime for both Gwen and Morgana?! COULD IT?!

I'll post my favorites on my Tumblr myself,
if there are others you'd want on there I don't mind if you post them as long you give a link back.

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