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Merlin ends up with a hot future knight in his bed. Again. 

Well, hello!

He's worth it to be a knight. He sure acts like he's noble, but maybe he's born with it.




I think Merlin missed out on his true calling of ballet dancer. It looks like he's practicing for Riverdance!

HOW CAN HE BE HOT AND ADORABLE AT ONCE?! He looks like a freakin' 6 year old who got caught taking some candy.


Nothing going on, just checking out some hot noblemen...

Merlin fangirls unite

Barmaid: Ooh, you're a handsome fella!
Arthur: Well, you wouldn't be the first to say it!
Barmaid: Oh, no. Sorry!  I was talking about your friend here.
Arthur: ...him?
Merlin: Thank you.

ADORABLE. THIS IS WHY I AM A MERLIN GIRL, Arthur's all "whatever" and Merlin is all polite and thankful:) and it's about time someone noticed Merlin, the last two residents of the Merlin Fanclub have either died (Freya) or switched to Team Arthur (Gwen)!

Merlin fanboys unite: Gwaine/Merlin
OMG I'm so happy to see Merlin make new friends, especially when that new friend gets all protective of him!

Gwaine: What am I doing in this bed?

Good question, Gwaine, good question. Though I would think the more important question is "Why am I naked?". Or even ignoring the "why", HOW did he get naked? And more importantly, if Merlin did it, WHY DID WE NOT SEE THIS?

Oh Merlin, have some faith in yourself. You don't need to get men drunk to get them in your bed! I know that worked with Lancelot, but I'm sure if you just asked nicely...

Out of context, it sure looks like Gwaine's...ahem...enjoying Merlin's company, if you know what I mean.

Gwaine: Never stayed in one place for too long. People get sick of me too quickly.
Merlin: I didn't!

Oh, Merlin. So desperate! Play it cool, man!

Merlin: Why don't you stay? You could be a knight, like your father. You and Arthur, you fought well together!
Gwaine: And maybe one day we will again.

Yes, Gwaine, stay!


Gwen: Unfortunately, I'm not a princess.
Gwaine: Ah, but you see, you are to me.


Gwaine: This isn't working, is it?
Gwen: No, not really. But I like that you tried, and that you know when to give up.

Wise words, Gwen, wise words.

Gwaine/Sir Leon

Gwaine/ All knights, basically. Actually, make that Gwaine/Everyone.


Arthur: I'm sorry, Gwaine. My father's wrong. If it were up to me...
Gwaine: I know. You don't need to explain yourself.

Aww, Gwaine hated all noblemen and then he melted because Arthur stood up for him. Also, those shirts are just ridiculous. Especially Gwaine's, which barely conceals his bare chest. In fact, it looks like they ripped it open to get a maximum view of his bare chest.


Arthur: It's a shame. Would've made a great knight.
Merlin: Maybe one day, he still will.
Arthur: The rules won't allow it. Knights are noblemen, always have been and always will be. It's a tradition. (sees Gwen & Gwaine) They seem very friendly!
Merlin: Why should you care?
Arthur: ...I don't!...She can do better that THAT!
Merlin: She should be setting her sights...higher? Oh, but I forget! She can't! A girl of Gwen's standing, uh, she could never consort with a nobleman, that's the rules.
Arthur: Merlin?
Merlin: Shut up?
Arthur: You guessed it.

Aww, I really loved this one. Merlin trying to make Arthur see things and succeeding makes me happy!


Merlin: This is going to be one of those moments where I tell you something isn't a very good idea, and you ignore me. Isn't it?

Arthur: Now, remember. In here, you're not my servant. I'm just a simple peasant like everyone else.
Merlin: The "simple" part's right.
Arthur: What?

Haha I love that he yelled that like Arthur was deaf, and then actually looked at the sun. Quick thinking!

Hi, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Merlin. I'm telling you he's yours all weekend, but my body language screams "HE'S MINE! FOREVER".

Merlin: You know these moments when I tell you something isn't a very good idea?
Arthur: and then I ignore you.
Merlin: And then I'm proven right.

Frolicking where the whole court can see it! Oh, they've gone official.


 Oh yes, I ship them in advance. It just feels like they've been through the same things, you know?;) At the very least they can bond over owning the same shirt.

click on the thumbnail for the bigger version.

Next week: Stuff happens! Which means we should probably expect some sort of reset button at the 38 minute mark!

I'll post my favorites on my Tumblr myself,
if there are others you'd want on there I don't mind if you post them as long you give a link back.

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