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picspam: Merlin 3x03

This episode wasn't nearly as bad as I expected! There was plenty of lulz and THERE WAS GWEN/MERLIN FRIENDSHIP.
How could I possibly dislike this episode?! ...don't answer that.


Geoffrey!!! How are you! Still fierce and in no mood for bullshit, I see. Still in love with Gaius, check!


Some neck porn for your consideration.

In this scene, we learn Merlin will just want his kids to have fun and the kids will never listen to what he says. Later on, we find out Sir Leon finds respect very important and he will MAKE YOU LISTEN. Obviously, the show is telling us they should just adopt kids together already becasue they'd make a great parent team. OBVIOUSLY.


This is Merlin's "Are you okay? You look like you have a BAD hangover, old guy!" look.



Merlin doesn't swallow. And I don't think I have to tell you where he learned not to spit it out immediately.


With lines and scenes and screentime and funny looks ! I've missed you, girl!

Who looks that good right after they wake up?!


SO ADORABLE. OMG. They need to have her be a bit goofy more!


I think these faces speak for themselves:)

Sir Leon

You will learn some manners, or I will teach you some.



Merlin: I'm spring-cleaning!
Arthur: It isn't spring...and it certainly isn't clean.

Merlin's just staring at Arthur's naked sleeping body. There's nothing weird about that.

Merlin: Arthur! I have to talk to you.
Arthur: Arrest him.
Merlin: WHAT?!

LOOK AT ARTHUR'S FACE. He's basically thinking to himself: "Duty over emotions. Duty over emotions! Don't think about how much you love him, don't-"

Arthur: Do you have any proof of these accusations?
Merlin: ...No!

Aww, I loved that Uther was all GAIUS WOULD NEVER BE POSSESED NEVER! IT MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE HE'D THROW HIS SUBSTITUTE SON IN JAIL FOR MEEEEEE! and Arthur was of course willing to hear Merlin out (because he believed him! even though it didn't make much sense and Merlin didn't even seem sure of what he was saying either!)

Show/classy humor

Uther: The council is dismissed. ...NOW!!!!

The fart sounds were a bit much for me, but THEIR FACES GOD. And Uther's desperate "NOW!!" seriously cracked me up.


Morgana: Gaius?
GoblinGaius: Yeees, yes. What is it?!
Morgana: I couldn't sleep last night. My healing bracelet's been stolen.
GoblinGaius: Oh! Tragedy! Travesty! Whoever stole it should be HANGED, flogged and then hanged again!
Morgana: ...I was hoping you could give me a sleeping draft?
GoblinGaius: A sleeping draft?! Can't you count sheep like everyone else? Why are you bothering me with such things? SHOO!

GoblinGaius: I can see deep into your heart. It's cold. Cold as stone. You're playing Uther's loving ward, you play it so well. You fool him, but you don't fool me! You would see Uther dead! And Camelot destroyed. 
Morgana: Why would you say such a thing? 
GoblinGaius: Because it's the truth! There is EEEVIL in your heart. 
Morgana: I don't know what's come over you. You were always such a good friend to me.

I was kinda hoping GoblinGaius would respond to that by telling her Gaius has been drugging her all her life to keep her from finding out she has magic. SUCH A GOOD FRIEND.  Though I liked that it seemed Morgana herself hasn't yet accepted she's EEEVIL.

GoblinGaius: Do come back and see me anytime!
Morgana: *runs like hell*


GoblinGaius/Sir Leon

GoblinGaius: You clumpsy oaf!
Sir Leon: Gaius...I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

LOOK HOW FAR OUR BOY LEON HAS COME. GoblinGaius has a round with every castmember and he is included!


Geoffrey: I've got a terrible pain in my leg.
GoblinGaius: That's hardly surprising, when it has to support that enormous GUT. Lose some weight, fatty!
Geoffrey: *holds his heart, which has just been shattered into a million pieces*


Uther: Is it really necessary to slap me?
GoblinGaius: Absolutely and utterly necessary!

WHAT EVEN IS BREATHING. I JUST...the slaps, the bad bald make-up, the way GoblinGaius is dancing while he's slapping Uther, Anthony looking like he's having a HARD time not cracking up!  So much love.


Arthur: I wanted to thank you in person! Couldn't have been easy for you, exposing Merlin like that!
GoblinGaius: My loyalty to Camelot and your father comes first!
Arthur: It's much appreciated! I should also thank you for ridding me of the most incompetent, rude and lazy servant Camelot has ever known.
GoblinGaius: I feel sorry you've had to suffer his ineptitude for so long.
Arthur: When we catch him, we'll see him hanged.
GoblinGaius: Ah! I shall look forward to that. ...Is something wrong?
Arthur: The Gaius I know would never look forward to seeing Merlin hang, no matter what he'd done. Merlin was telling the truth.

- Arthur is being SMART. He used his BRAIN to figure out things!

So much development! I'm gonna cry! Wait, what?

- Arthur gets knocked unconscious again
- and wakes up with donkey ears?!

...I'm gonna cry.


Morgana's EEEEVIL smirk has evolved into a mocking pout. Hurray!

YAY! I LOVED THEM THIS EPISODE. YOU KNOW WHY? Because it was only part of Gwen's screentime this week! Here's a hint, writers: ships are much more interesting and shippable to me if you give some seperate attention to BOTH people in it.

...I'm not sure I have words for this.

Gwen: Arthur!
Arthur: Guinevere!

This scene was so deliciously awkward. I LOVE IT.


Gwen: I'm not sure it suits you, Merlin.

LOLOL. First she catched him trying on one of Morgana's dresses, now she sees him trying to accessorize with Morgana's jewelry.
It's allright though, Gwen doesn't judge! ...except for his taste.

Oh, Merlin. Breaking and entering into a single woman's house in the middle of the night and sneaking up to her from behind to cover her mouth?!


Merlin: We need to force the Goblin out of Gaius.
Gwen: And how do we do that?
Merlin: I don't know. I'll try to sneak back into Gaius' chambers, try to find something in one of his books.
Gwen: What can I do?


Merlin: We need to convince Arthur. Maybe if you speak to him, he'll listen to you.

...Well fuck you too, Merlin!

Merlin: Come on Gwen, it's not that bad! All girls do it, don't they?

LOL MERLIN. No, girls are actually NOT a different species! Though to be honest, I can see how he got that idea since his only girlfriend ever actually WAS a different species at night.

Merlin: Arthur's a donkey?
Gwen: He has...the EARS of a donkey...and the voice. He...he's braying.
Merlin: He's...braying. *laughs*
Gwen: It's not funny, Merlin.
Merlin: No! No, no, of course not. Arthur with the ears of a donkey, what's funny about that?
*both crack up*




askjfjrgnk I love them so much and this episode just made it even more clear that I WANT GWEN TO BE THE FIRST PERSON MERLIN TELLS ABOUT HIS MAGIC. It just doesn't make any sense NOT to do this! She's the best possible person to be his sidekick and involving her more in Merlin's adventures saves her from the Female Love Interest Hell she's been put in so much. MAKE IT HAPPEN, WRITERS.

click on the thumbnail for the bigger version.

Next week: Lancelot 2.0, and Sir Leon has to share the role of "Knight with lines who doesn't die immediately after"!

I'll post my favorites on my Tumblr myself,
if there are others you'd want on there I don't mind if you post them as long you give a link back.

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