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picspam: The pairings of Community, part 4 - other pairings

another HUGE post.


PIERCE: Annie, you flash your breasts as a decoy.
PIERCE: Nono, don't be upset. I didn't think you as a decoy 'cause your breasts are so old.
Now here's two people that will probably never get along in their life:) Britta's feminist ways definitely clash with Pierce's sexist ways, and I don't there's anything they agree on really, which is why they're fun to watch of course! I love how both of them regularly look at the other with a disgusted/WTF face.


SHIRLEY: Abed, have you been racist this whole time? While I'm telling everyone at my church what a sweet caramel angel you are!

I think Shirley acts like Abed's mother even more than with Troy. She gets this disappointed look when he does something she doesn't like, and in general she just Mother Bears all over him. And Abed seems to like that!


ANNIE (in Pierce's hallucination): Pieeerce...tell me about the Beatles, Pierce. Tell me about Woodstock and Sputnik, Pierce.

The youngest and the oldest! Annie mostly just seems to think he's a creeper and Pierce mostly IS a creeper to her, but I loved their Greendale Song story where Annie had confidence in him and cheered him on.


ABED: Spoilers!
BRITTA: Hey Abed, real stories, they don't have spoilers. You understand that TV and life are different, right?

I don't know what it is about them, but I love them together. It's weird because they barely have had a story together. And Britta often treats Abed as "special", but idk, they're cute together. And I could totally believe it if Abed has a crush on Britta.

In any case, more of them please! Even if it's just more of them walking arm-in-arm through the school!


TROY: You don't get to talk to me like that, you're not Shirley!...And Shirley's not my mom!

Another pairing of the "needs more stories together" variety. Donald and Yvette are my favorite actors on this show, since they both have a way of making every.single.line HILARIOUS, so I want them in more scenes together, obviously!


ANNIE: This is really important to me, Abed. Could you please go as my friend? My really good friend?
ABED: Well, I didn't realize we're really good friends. I figured we were more like Chandler and Phoebe, they never really had stories together. Sure, I'll do it Chandler!

I love that Abed sees himself as Phoebe, heh. Anyway, they haven't had a lot of stories together either, but enough for me to buy them as friends.

also, Abed!Don Draper is hotter than regular Don Draper. I would totally melt like Annie did!


SHIRLEY: You're such an arrogant, self-righteous ass.
PIERCE: And you are a strong, dignified woman who's raising a family, a bigger accomplishment than anyone else in that room!

I have such a soft spot for these two. Obviously I'd like Pierce to stop harassing her, but in a weird way he really does seem to think the world of her. And I love how unbelievably grateful Shirley looks after her brownie speech. I hope there'll be more of them next season!


ANNIE: What's the closest planet to Earth?
TROY: Planet...Hollywood.
ANNIE: *laughs* no, that's not the right answer, but it shows how fun astronomy can be!

Allison Brie really got to show off her comedic chops with this pairing. And I've totally acted like that when I was young. I'm glad Annie got over him, though, since they probably weren't a good match romantically. But I still want to see more of them as friends or study buddies or maybe Troy can hilariously try to make a move on her again.


BRITTA: Speaking of secrets...Troy and I have something that we would like to announce.

THEY ARE THE PRETTIEST PAIRING OF THEM ALL. LOOK AT THEM! Okay, maybe they get the prettiest storylines, but still, prettiness abound with these two.

I love them so much together. Troy really does not understand Britta, but he secretly totally thinks she's cool y/y? And the same for Britta.

And that dance is one of my favorite moments of the whole series. IT IS AWESOME AND HOT AND PRETTY AND FUNNY and I do not ask for much more!

Senor Chang/Everyone

Don't question Senõr Chang! Or you'll get bit, ya bet!

My favorite has to be Chang/Annie, for the random forehead touches and face bites and sliding her out of the classroom. Though Chang/Jeff has produced some very funny scenes as well!

Dean Pelton/Everyone

DEAN PELTON: We are developing the perfect mascotte. No stereotypical identifiers from any race or gender!
PIERCE: See Jeff, this is a chart of the features we're staying away from:  pan-asian eyefolds, irish chins, women's breasts,...
JEFF: Is that Seal?
DEAN PELTON: That is our human color wheel! It goes from Seal to Seal's teeth.
PIERCE: What do you think?
JEFF: I think not being racist is the new racism.

My favorite is obviously Dean/Pierce, because only those two could come up with something like the Human Being, and for that I will love them forever. Jeff constantly being touched by the Dean is pretty funny too, though.


Your studygroup is EVIL! You don't deserve ice cream!

Aww, poor Abed never got a storyline with Vaughn. I've loved all others, though. Britta/Vaughn for ending in Getting rid of Britta, Pierce/Vaughn for making Getting rid of Britta, Jeff/Shirley/Vaughn for the tiny nipples scene, Troy/Vaughn for prompting the "you don't deserve ice cream" and Annie/Vaughn for the general cuteness.

Group scenes (everyone/everyone)

Unlike a real family, there is nothing stopping anyone of us from looking at any of the others as a sexual prospect.

Just wanted to add my love for the pairing "group", because I always love scenes with the whole group. Especially the group study scenes are a great way of getting everyone something to do, and having everyone react to everyone at some point.

Part 1: Troy and Abed
Part 2: Jeff pairings
Part 3: the girls & the boys
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