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picspam: The pairings of Community, part 3 - the girls & the boys



ANNIE: When you found out I was Jewish, you invited me to a "pool party" that turned out to be a baptism.
SHIRLEY: Well excuse me for trying to sneak you into heaven!

Sometimes Shirley treats Annie like a little girl that doesn't know yet what's good for her, and other times she's very annoyed Annie's not yet an adult, heh. But they're both such do-ers (as opposed to Britta), so when they have a storyline together Stuff Happens, which I love. And they both are part-sweet angel, part-badass!


ABED: He still assumes I'm a terrorist.
PIERCE: If you're not, I'm sorry. If you are, I'm a hero! I'm willing to take that chance.

WHY HAVE THEY NOT HAD ONE STORYLINE TOGETHER? I mean, they both have some trouble understanding social situations, though for very different reasons. They could take a sociology class together! They could fight for Troy! Abed could defend Shirley's honor! Anything!


BRITTA: Annie, you realize we'll be friends whether or not we have classes together, right?
ANNIE: Of course you would think that, Britta. It's obvious from your name that your parents smoked pot.

These two actually haven't had a storyline with just them either! But they do often react to or get involved in each other's storylines with someone else, so they do get to interact. Sadly, a lot of their one-on-one interactions have been about men troubles. Boo. Team Britta/Annie!

So, for season 2 I hope we get to see them hanging out together because Allison and Gillian work really well together, as they have proven they can do funny and awkward and angry and sweet and confused about their feelings for each other;)


PIERCE: Troy! Oh, what you did up there...it took guts, I'm impressed!
TROY: Thanks, Pierce!
PIERCE: Yeah, and such a creative way to tell the world you're gay!

They're kind of an unlikely pairing yet it makes so much sense. They both bring out the funniest and craziest part in each other. I hope we get some storylines out of them living together!


SHIRLEY: That is the ladies room, Britta. A place where ladies go to share, listen, support each other...and discreetly eliminate waste. And I like you too, I even like that you're a little hard. But if you can't learn to be soft in there, you need to be alone.
BRITTA: I've peed alone my whole life! Women have always hated me. I don't even know how it started, maybe it's when I got boobs before anyone...
SHIRLEY: Shhh. Not out here. In there.

I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I don't know, it's just a really nice friendship between two adult women. They joke, they talk about their day and their plans for the weekend, they talk about hot men and sex, and they call each other on their crap but they always have each other's backs as well. 

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