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picspam: The pairings of Community, part 2 - Jeff pairings

This post is HUGE. Don't say you weren't warned!


JEFF: Holy crap, Abed. I see your value now.
ABED: That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me!

I think more than any other Community pairing, these two really do have value to each other. Jeff can speak Pop Culture but isn't very self-aware, so Abed can make him understand himself by comparing his life to movies and TV, while Jeff in return can translate Abed's world into Real World.

and they have the best drunk parties.


JEFF: Now she's going to make The Disney Face. Her lips will quiver, and her eyes will flutter, but they will never actually close.

I think they're a wonderful comic duo. His lazyness versus her hard-working nature, her optimism versus his cynicism, his horndog way of seeing life versus her not being able to say "penis",... it makes for some interesting times when they're trying to work together. But they're both very stubborn and eager to win an argument, which is why I love them fighting or argueing or trying to pursuade each other with Disney Eyes.

As for shipping them...I don't know. I think Joel and Allison have tons and chemistry and I've found both of their kisses hot, but I ship Jeff/Britta a little bit more IDK it would be okay if this was about attraction, but I'm not seeing what everyone else seems to be seeing in the writing for them that is so OTP-worthy.
It's not that I'm against the idea, but if they do go along with this in S2 I think there needs to be a bit more in the writing, and to make them less serious with their Meaningful Glances and Awkard Moments of Sexual Tension and more...funny? Maybe have them be the source of many jokes by the rest of the group for a while at least.


JEFF: I just have to go back out there and make the case that you're a good person.
BRITTA: You don't know that! You're just doing all of this 'cause you want to sleep with me! I mean, you said it yourself! You don't even want to be my friend!
JEFF: Wait a minute. Wait, is that what you thought I meant? Britta, look at me. Look at me! No, look how handsome my face is! If all I wanted was sex, I could get it from plenty of women without having to go through all this crap. I'm here because I like you. And I'd be psyched to be your friend! I just didn't want to take sex off the table. 

I disliked them sooo much in the first couple of episodes, I think they were actually my least favorite part of Community. It was just so typical...male and female lead, WILL GET TOGETHER IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

But then they took that romance part completely off the table, they developed Britta better and gave her things to do with people other than Jeff, and just had Britta and Jeff hanging out, ~chillaxing~. And then when they introduced the romance thing again, they did it in a funny way (I mean, there's freaking out over seeing a guy holding hands with someone that's not you, and then there's getting stuck in an endless loop of tapdance while you're dressed as a teapot.). And bit by bit I really started believing them as friends, to liking them together, to loving them getting up to shenanigangs together. And then they had sex but it wasn't a huge deal and I was one happy fangirl.

And then they went all serious and had Britta say "I love you" and I went WTF?!. Want more of them being wacky and happy instead of angsty in season 2, thank you!


JEFF: You ready, amigo?

Haa I love that Pierce seems to think he's Jeff's coolest friend, while Jeff probably thinks Pierce is his weirdest friend:) But they go together well, Pierce loves giving advice and every once in a while Jeff loves getting some, and both Pierce and Jeff can get a bit crazy, so it's awesome when they do it together like they did for Spanish class. Also, I LOVE that scene of Jeff crying in Pierce's arms.


SHIRLEY: Come on Jeff, what are we gonna talk about? My kids, your doctor career?
JEFF: I was a laywer.
SHIRLEY: See, I'm already bored.
JEFF: Well, we'll always have tiny nipples.

THEM GOSSIPING TOGETHER WAS AWESOME. And I loved that they didn't know what to talk about at first, and only found some common ground in mocking the same person, heh. *has had friendships like that*

And I also love that Shirley tries to be motherly with him like she does with everybody, but Jeff doesn't listen like a good boy (until he does).



TROY: You're saying I could be a laywer.
JEFF: I'm saying you could be a football player! It's in your blood!
TROY: That's racist.
JEFF: Your soul!
TROY: That's racist!
JEFF: Your eyes?
TROY: That's gay.
JEFF. That's homophobic.
TROY: That's black.
JEFF: That's racist!
TROY: Damn.

Aww, they haven't had many storylines together either, but what we've got has been awesome. It's just all fun(ny) with these guys.


part 1: Abed and Troy
part 3: the girls and the boys
part 4: all other pairings

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