Dana (letsey_x) wrote,

picspam: the 15 prettiest scenes of Legend of the Seeker, part 2

Part 1: 15 to 6.


2x10 - Perdition
This picspam doesn't do much justice to the prettyness of this scene, but you can still see why it's gorgeous, don't you. MULTIPLE flowy dressed, IN RED even! With flowy veils too! Pretty desert in the middle of some green mountains! Slow-motion fight scene! Kahlan's hair! And those weapon thingies of the sisters of the light/dark are just the prettiest weapons ever.


2x10 - Perdition
Another scene from Perdition! It's the prettiest episode ever, believe me. And oh look, a funeral. On a pretty beach. Something LotS does quite a lot!:) Love the beach and the funeral pyre and they beige-ish green tone of the scene.


1x08 - Denna
Guh, the light in this scene! On the left, it's white light, and on the right it's red. HOW??? I don't know, but god it is pretty. With bonus slow-motion fighting AND epic flowy white dress!


1x10 - Sacrifice
A funeral! On a beach! I love those:) Please kill more characters so we can have more funeral pyres on pretty beaches, LotS. I love the subtle colors of this, there's some white and brown in an overal subtle greenish tone. And I LOVE the shots of Kahlan in her epic white dress with her hoodie on but her hair still epically flowy:)


1x02 - Destiny
What can I even SAY about this scene? It's the moment I truly fell in love with LotS' cinematograpy, and that was still in the pilot! The green light against the yellow background, the epic white dress, the slow-motion fighting, the dark-but-colorful, the epic Kahlan-hair, this scene has it all! Just gorgeous.

Soo, that was it! Agree/disagree with my choices?

If you're curious what other scenes I included in my top 50, I uploaded the 42 scenes I had done already in chronological order to my scrapbook here. 

Tags: cinematography porn, legend of the seeker, picspam

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