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picspam: the 15 prettiest scenes of Legend of the Seeker, part 1

I was actually doing the 50 prettiest scenes for picspammy, but when I had made 42 I realised I wasn't going to make the deadline. *sigh* But maybe that's a good thing, because I would've needed about 20 posts to post them all. So instead, here are the 15 prettiest scenes of Legend of the Seeker (up until now, according to me obviously) in two big posts!


2x09 - Dark 
I simply HAD to include one of the many slow-motion fight scenes LotS has. They're always choreographed so well so it always looks pretty! I chose this one because the combination of that grass/those trees/mist brings a lovely mix of pastel green/yellows.  


1x01 - Prophecy 
The second scene ever of LotS, and I was already a bit in love with the cinematography! Kahlan's epic dress is as epic and flow-y as always, there's some georgeous landscape, and there's a bit of light play with the sun/water. 


2x13 - Princess
How can a scene be so dark and yet so colorful?! Oh right, by using a sunset/sunrise setting. It's all about the sunlight in this one.


1x08 - Denna
How can a scene be so dark and yet so colorful? Sunset setting! I love the strong yellow light behind them, combined with the soft blue light in front of them and then there's green everywhere too!


2x05 - Wizard 
This one's not dark, just very colorful! There's the bright greens of the grass and trees, the bright blue of the sky, the white/light yellow of the flowers, the purple of Cara's outfit, and the reddish brown of Zed's outfit! 


2x12 - Hunger 
Pretty colors, shadows, picturesque setting and an early sunset- kind of glow! It's simple, but it works.


1x20 - Sanctuary
Suuuch pretty pastel-like colors. I wonder if that was intentional, since they're inside a painting.


2x10 - Perdition
Short scene, but so pretty! I'm a sucker for contrast shots, so the almost focus on the dark/blonde hair really works for me. And this whole episode has a kind of brown-green filter, which I find really hard to icon/picspam, but which is really pretty! 


2x08 - Light
Gorgeous landscape? check.  Flowy dress/veil? check. Clothes that seemed to have been picked specifically to shoot on this location, so it all matches and gives different shades of beige/organge/brown to the scene? check!


1x10 - Sacrifice 
I just cannot figure out this coloring. It's colorfol, yet also very beige and grey. Combined with the bright blue sky, the yellow fire or Zed's red dress is does give a nice contrast. also, how pretty is that beach?! and look, a white flowy dress!

on to part 2: top 5!
Tags: cinematography porn, legend of the seeker, picspam
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