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It's been a while since I enjoyed an episode this much. Cracky fun Merlin is the best kind of Merlin!


Arthur: May I present Guinevere, she'll be looking after you for the duration of your stay. She is truly one of Camelot's finest.
Vivian: *laughs*Then I fear for Camelot.
Arthur and Gwen: O_O

Arthur/Vivian, or Arthur acting crazy and everyone looking funny at him

Merlin: Good morning, sire!
Arthur: Never have you been more right, Merlin. It is the sunniest, the most fragrant, the most beautiful morning I've ever seen in my life!
Merlin: You're dressed.
(hee! Merlin's not used to that!)
Arthur: I am the future king of Camelot, I do have some skills, you know.
Merlin: Indeed, you are very skilled...in getting people to do things for you.
Arthur: It is your job. but
today...My job is to woo.
HEE. And while Arthur's gazing at Vivian she's jelling at and hitting a poor servant. :D

Arthur: So, I need your help in...expressing my...feelings.
Merlin: Of course.
Arthur: ...

Merlin: Oh! I see. Feelings...
Arthur: Feelings.
Merlin: Girls...
Arthur: Girls.
Merlin: Flowers?
Arthur: Excellent! Get me some.

Arthur: *knocks*
Vivian: Who is it?
Arthur: It is destiny, my love! ...Destiny and chicken!

Vivian: "Your love"? Not now, nor ever!
Arthur: Come now.
Vivian: My father will kill you if he finds you here.
Arthur: Your father does not worry me.
Vivian: You won't be saying that when he's running at you with a knife in his hand. I've seen it before.
Arthur: Really?
Vivian: Yes!

Arthur: Go on, Merlin. Say it.
Merlin: what?
Arthur: You do not think I should pursue my love.
Merlin: Well, seeing as you asked, I think there are a number of things standing in the way of a happy union between you and the lady Vivian. Her bloodthirsty father, for one!
Arthur: Her complete lack of interest for another. *pouts¨*

Vivian: Oh Trickler, you mustn't tell. Not a soul, especially not my father! I AM IN LOVE!
Trickler: *gasp* Oh, how wonderful! With me?
Vivian: *laughs*

Vivian: With a man more courageous than a lion, stronger than an ox and so perfectly formed it is as if he's been sculpted by the gods themselves!
Trickler: But then it must be me!

Hee. Both actors were just going completely over the top, it was cute!

Arthur: I would rather die than deny my feelings for your daughter!
Uther: *rolls his eyes*

Uther: You do realise that your actions threaten the peace talks and that it may yet bring war to Camelot?
Arthur: I'm happy to fight for what I believe in!
Uther: ...
Uther: (to Merlin) What's happened to him?!

Arthur: Lady Vivian. Nothing more. And yet, who could wish for more.
Uther: ... *throws hands in the air*
Aaah, they need to write so much more comedy scenes for Uther.

Gaius: One of your ribs is broken, sire.
Arthur: Ah, nothing could hurt me today! I'm invincible! Love really can conquer all, Gaius. It's true!
Gaius: *eyebrow goes up*


Almost as rare as a unicorn on this show, except that you don't get cursed if you kill it: Gwen/Morgana

Why hello there, Morgana! Long time no see. You're making alcoholism look very pretty! Looking forward to you actually doing something next week!

Morgana: You look more shocked than I did!
MORGANA DOESN'T KNOW? :(:(:( Or even suspect?

Gwen chooses not to be comforted by Morgana but instead runs off to be alone. If Morgana goes evil next week, it's obviously because her relationship with Gwen has gone cold, right? She's already drowning her sorrows in alcohol.


Merlin: You're blushing!
Arthur: No I'm not. *hides his face*


I LOVED them this episode. Sure, Gwen's feelings aren't exactly clear over the season, but I'm already happy when they stay consistent in the same episode. Though I can't help but think that, if G/A hadn't kissed in 2x02 and they had gone the slow way this season with Gwen silently hoping but thinking Arthur would never feel the same, this episode would've been perfect. Even with the silly "True love's kiss"

Arthur: *can't handle the sexual tension*

Gwen: Are you feeling all right?
Merlin: Me? Never better! You?
Gwen: I'm having a very surprising day.
Merlin: really.
Gwen: You know one of these occasions when you've lost all hope and then out of the blue something happens to restore your faith? Well, that's what happened to me today!

Arthur: *hugs a horse*
Gwen: What is it, Arthur? You look like you have something on your mind.
Arthur: You read me like a book. I've made a fool out of myself, that's all. That's...everything.
Gwen: That is not true!

Arthur: You have a good heart, Guinevere, but I'm afraid it is. I made a gesture, and it was not well-received.
Gwen: Sure?
Arthur: Pretty sure.
Gwen: Then you are wrong.
Arthur: You are very close to the lady in question...

Gwen: Your token was much appreciated. But the situation is delicate. and It's not always easy to express what is in one's heart.
Arthur: You think there's hope!

Gwen: There is always hope.
Arthur: If only I had some way of knowing...
Gwen: Indeed, my lord.

A second chance...sunset...I'll await your presence...


Arthur: Ah, Guinevere! You will wish me luck?
Gwen: WILL I?!

Merlin: blablabla, Arthur's enchanted! with an actual spell! he needs to be kissed by his true love! You!

Arthur: Ah! Finally come to wish me good luck? I really don't think I need it anymore.
Gwen: No, Arthur. I have not come to wish you luck.
Arthur: Honestly, that's rather rude.
Gwen: Then let me make amends.

They really get all the pretty kisses, don't they?

Arthur: I thought I'd better deliver it myself this time.

Arthur: You must believe that my feelings for Vivian were not real. I never loved another.
Gwen: One day you will. One day you will find your real princess. One day you will be king of Camelot, and I cannot be your Queen.
Arthur: You don't know that.
Gwen: I am as sure of that as you are.

Subtle, show. Veeeery subtle.

and to make this picspam even longer: Random Pretty

Click on the thumbnail to see the bigger version.

Next week: "The ancient prophecies speak of an alliance of Mordred and Morgana, united...in evil." Oooooooooh. BRING IT ON.

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  • (no subject)

    And just like that, it's been a year since my last icon post... OH WELL. Better one every year than none I guess. Being…

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