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If you're gonna name an episode"the lady of the lake" in a show called "Merlin", you might want to do more than just have a lady and a lake. Did I miss some vital clue here or something?
But unlike last week, the last five minutes of this episode were made of pure awesome, so I'm not complaining:)

True fact: Merlin wants his girlfriend to dress up as Morgana. It almost makes up for Morgana not being there AT ALL. Oh wait, NO IT DOESN'T. Since season 3 is now confirmed, I hope Katie & Angel get their wish for a Morgana/Gwen episode. Or better, that they won't need a special episode to show some development.


aww, Merlin in love was cute. But if he desperately wants a girl he can practice magic with...I THINK I KNOW SOMEONE. Her name rhymes with "Borgana". The music in that floating candles-scene was amazing. anyone have it in their posession?:)

Gwen's facial expressions
gotta get everything out of those three seconds of screentime she had :)


Arthur: Merlin! What do you think you're doing?
Bounty hunter: We caught the boy behaving suspiciously, sire.
Arthur: ...Merlin.
Bounty hunter: He could be harboring the girl. And he's gonna tell us where.

Arthur: Leave him alone. Merlin is my servant, he has my absolute trust. If you have a problem with him, you come to me. Do you understand?
I admit I let out a loud squeeeee at this, but I'm still not over last week, and Arthur saying Merlin has his absolute trust NOW (when he doesn't deserve it this episode either, since he is hiding the girl) makes me grumble a bit. But still, Arthur's making progress, YAY.

Arthur: Are those my sausages? You took them.
Merlin: To keep you in shape!

Arthur: Are you saying I'm fat?
Merlin: No! Well...not yet.

Arthur: I. AM. NOT. FAT!
Merlin: You see? It's working!

Arthur: What a man does in his spare time, is completely up to him.
Merlin: No! No, you've got this wrong!
Arthur: The colour suits you, Merlin!

Five minutes of awesome
Oh, Colin.

Arthur: Something has been upsetting you, hasn't it?
Awww, so. much.love for Arthur for asking that.
Merlin: Maybe.

Arthur: Was it when I threw water at you?
Merlin: It wasn't very nice.
More love for Arthur for recognizing he isn't always nice to Merlin!

Arthur: It was a bit unfair. Like when you called me fat.
Merlin: Why was that unfair?
Arthur: Because I AM NOT F- *sees Merlin's joke-face*

Arthur: Still think I need to get in shape?

and then Arthur looks completely smitten at Merlin. AWW.

if your computer freezes trying to save them, they're also uploaded here.

next week: The Doctor's daughter gets brought in to make Gwen jealous.
In other Merlin news, there's going to be a programme on BBC Wales of Bradley & Colin on a roadtrip. OMG.
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