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I hated the last five minutes SO MUCH that it kinda ruined an otherwise amazing episode for me. Grr.


Oooh, I like her. I hope she becomes a recurring villain, who doesn't get killed after a couple episodes like Nimueh. Or at the very least, I hope she'll play a part in Morgana becoming evil.

I WAS SHIPPING THEM SO MUCH and then they revealed they're half-sisters. DAMN. It's Heroes all over again.

Morgana: I feel as if I've met her somewhere before.
Admit it Morgana, she's the girl of your (prophetic) dreams.

Morgana: I didn't mean to intrude. I wanted to introduce myself, I'm the lady Morgana.
Morgause: I know who you are.

Morgana: Could it be that we have met before?
Morgause: I'm glad that we have met now.

Morgause: I hope you will remember me fondly!
Morgana: *nods*

1. Katie looks better than she has all season, wow. That light green eyeshadow really works for her.

Morgause likes to watch Morgana in bed, true story.

and then she gives Morgana a ring-like token of her devotion, which makes Morgana sleep better at night. AWW.


They're still married, obviously. Loved Gwen's little smile at Morgana's morning manners.



Arthur: I was defeated...by a GIRL.
Merlin: *lol* It's actually quite funny when you think about it!
Arthur: *stare*
Merlin: ...or not.

At first I thought Merlin was giving Arthur a massage, but nope, he was just undressing him.

Arthur: Merlin, is it my imagination, or are you getting fat?

dear Arthur, IT IS YOUR IMAGINATION. He's still scary skinny.

Arthur: What are you doing?! Lower the rope!
Arthur: *headdesk*

Merlin: We don't even know where we're going, we're FOLLOWING A HORSE.
Arthur: Morgause said she knew my mother.
Merlin: *oh*

Merlin: What was your mother like?
Arthur: I never knew her. She died before I opened my eyes.
Merlin: I'm sorry.
Arthur: I don't know anything about her.
Merlin: Can't you ask your father?
Arthur: He refuses to talk about it, must be too painful for him. Sometimes it's as if she never even existed. I still have a...sense of her.

Merlin: That's the same with my father. I never knew him. And my mother's barely spoken of him. I've got this...vague memory. It's probably just my imagination.
Arthur: I'd do anything for just the vaguest memory.
Merlin: Is that why you're so determined to find Morgause? To see what she knows about your mother.
Arthur: Is that so wrong?
Merlin: No.

Aww. that was a really sweet scene.


Arthur: I'm so sorry.
Igraine: You have nothing to be sorry for!
Arthur: It was my birth that caused you to die.
Igraine: No, you are not to blame.
Arthur: I cannot bear the thought that you died because of me.
Igraine: Do not think that! It is your father who should carry the guilt for what happened.

I thought the actress wasn't very good, but it still was a nice scene. I also like that it could be Igraine but it could just as well be an illusion by Morgause.

Sir Leon/Merlin

...what? Like you weren't thinking it.


Uther: I will not fight you.
Arthur: If you choose not to defend yourself, I will strike you down where you stand.
Uther: You are my son, you will not strike an unarmed man.
Arthur: I no longer think of myself as your son.
Uther: Then strike me down.

Up to here: LOVELY episode. but now:
Five minutes of HAAATE

Merlin: Morgause is lying! she's an enchantress! She tricked you! That was not your mother you saw. That was an illusion. Everything your mother said to you, those were Morgause's words.
Arthur: You don't know that!
Merlin: This has been her plan all along! To turn you against your father!

Arthur: Swear to me that it isn't true! That you are not responsible for my mother's death! Give me your word!
Uther: I swear on my life that I loved your mother, there is not a day that passes that I don't wish she were still alive. I could never have done anything to hurt her.

I HATE THIS SCENE SO MUCH. Let me tell you why:
- a freaking reset: Arthur was finally questioning Uther's irrational hate against magic, he was even accepting the fact that magic can do good. Now he's back to believing every word Uther says and we're even further from Merlin telling him his secret than we were at the start of the episode.
- WHAT A JACKASS MOVE BY MERLIN. I'm sorry, but I do not find it heroic or noble of self-sacrifing at all. It's so...disrespectful to Arthur, that Merlin decides what truth Arthur can or cannot handle. It's barely tolerable when Gaius does it to Morgana, but we all know the story will prove that his methods were wrong, yet I feel like I'm supposed to think Merlin did something very good here. NO HE DIDN'T. Not to mention that Arthur just said he'd do anything for the vaguest memory of his mother, and Merlin took that away.
- There are plenty of ways they could've had the same end result without Merlin lying. Or Uther, for that matter. He could've just said that yes, he used magic, but he was tricked by Nimueh (which is what Uther believes himself, anyway). And bang, Arthur understands why Uther thinks all magic is evil. It worked for me back when I first heard that explanation in S1.

and here's another reason: From now on, everytime Arthur goes off to kill someone magical, Merlin could stop it by telling Arthur the truth. EVERY. TIME. And you just know he won't.

I think Uther and Merlin don't have nearly enough scenes together, but when I think about how I want more scenes of them, them bonding over lying to Arthur about his very existence is not what I have in mind.

and of course Gaius is proud. After all, "lying to someone about their lives for their own benefit" is Gaius' preferred method of dealing with all things as well. Shut up, Gaius.

Random Pretty
to end on a happy note:)


and next week: Thelma's cursed girlfriend from Hex becomes the cursed girlfriend of Merlin. She's a cutie, though.
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