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Sad Panda Merlin


The Witch Morgana


Gaius: (the witchfinder) is a force to be reckoned with.
Merlin: But I'm not a witch. Look, no dress or anything! *smile*
Gaius: *not amused*

Merlin: ...I'll get the book.
Gaius: *eyebrow of doom*

Gaius: you must let this go.
Merlin: I must let you go?
Gaius: To do otherwise would be an act of suicide.
Merlin: *cries*

BFF'S REUNITED! So much love for them working together again to solve the case.

Gwen: Leave Arthur to me.
haha. I guess Gwen's the jealous type. She's just making clear Merlin understands the unspoken rule between best friends about stealing their boyfriends.


I'm not even going to transcribe Gwen's speech to Arthur. You should know it by heart already, since this is the fourth time she said pretty much exactly the same words to him. "You're a good man so act like it, I know I'm just a servant", that kind of thing. Less impact everytime. Let's give her something else to say to him, writers. Mentioning Tom's death was a good start! Let's follow up on it!


Arthur pretends to "deal with" Merlin, but obviously he just knew Merlin really needed a hug.

Arthur: I know you're upset. I know you're angry. It's all right. I'm not throwing you in jail.
Merlin: Then what are you doing?
Arthur: Breaking the law.


They were so Arthur/Merlin when they were young. I bet Gaius used to call Uther a royal prat all the time. I want flashbacks!

Gaius: I am a sorcerer, sire. I am responsible for conjuring the smoke, I'm guilty of practicing magic in Camelot.
Uther: *feels his heart break*

Uther: You've betrayed me, Gaius. Betrayed your friends. Above all, you betrayed yourself. By the laws of Camelot...I must sentence you...*wibbles* to death.
Aww:( And Gaius kept looking at him like he was hoping Uther wouldn't really do it:(

Look at that. Uther can't bear to watch. For him, that's a big deal. He usually loves a good execution!

Uther: I wanted to say, I'm sorry if you suffered at his hands.
Gaius: I did not suffer at his hands, Uther, I suffered at yours. He worked for you, my lord, he was merely following your orders.
Uther: I was deceived.
Gaius: No. You were deceived long before Aredian, for you deceived yourself.

Gaius: You see foes where there are friends, you see sorcerers where there are but servants. I am not the first to be wrongly accused in your war against magic, and not all have been as lucky as I.

Gaius: now excuse me, I have work to do.
Uh-oh, looks like they're going through a rough time in their relationship. Knowing this show, they'll probably be just as before next week, but yay Gaius for not letting Uther walk all over him and telling him what he's been thinking for a long time.

Next week-end: what looks to be an epic episode of Merlin on Saturday and a new Doctor Who on Sunday! YAY BBC.
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