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Stoned happy Uther totally made this episode go from "meh" to I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN. Dirty hot powerful Merlin didn't hurt either.

Not much dialogue that needs to be quoted this week.
Happy smitten Uther

Haha. Something's clearly wrong when Uther is happy. I loved how ASH played him like a stoned version of Uther, saying everything slooowly and softly, looking at everything like it's ~amazing~ and just in general not being fully there mentally:D I hope we'll see more of that next episode!

Sarah Parish

I thought she was great. Her & Jonas were clearly not holding back at all:D But I like her as Lady Katrina and found her funny enough as Lady Troll. I could do without the fart jokes/"look how disgusting she is" moments, but I'm sure there were plenty of kids laughing their guts out with it, and with all the angst & doom of the previous episodes I'm sure they were happy with a funny episode.
ok I'll admit, I was happy with it myself;)

Reactions to Uther/Katrina

Merlin: I'm gonna tell you something. It's not going to be easy.
Arthur: Alright.
Merlin: It concerns the Lady Katrina.
Arthur: You're not using my chambers to spy on her again.
Merlin: Oh, no. Trust me, I saw everything I needed to see.
Arthur: I'm sure you did!
Merlin: Arthur...she's a troll.

Arthur: *LOL* She's not THAT bad.

Merlin: I'm being serious. She is, she's an actual troll!
Arthur: Merlin, I know what you're trying to do and I appreciate it, you're a true friend. But it's not about whether I like her or not, it's about what makes my father happy. When they announced the wedding today, I realised, the Lady Katrina does just that. She makes him happy!

haha. Of course Arthur thinks it's all about him. But yay, he calls Merlin a true friend AND he just wants Uther to be happy.

Gratuitous half-naked Arthur

Merlin's facial expressions

That was HOT. Damn. And it made me want a Dark!Merlin REALLY BAD.

Random Pretty



next week: more of this!
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