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A bit later than usual, I present to you: the billionth picspam of this episode on your flist;) And rightly so, 'cause it was pretty & awesome.
Also, someone stop me- my picspams/lists of gifs just keep getting longer. By the end of the season I'll be picspamming every single frame.

Ugh, I missed the first 5 minutes. Stupid new earlier timeslot.


Hello there, Lancelot, long time no see! I DO NOT approve of the new haircut, sorry. And his dialogue was unbelievably cheestastic. And yeah, he isn't exactly a deep, complicated character. But he's got great chemistry with Gwen (though who doesn't?!) and he's hot and fun, that's all I need from a character who swings by once a season.


Gwen and Morgana get kidnapped, so Morgana pretends to be a Pwetty Pwincess...

...but we all know she's really an ass-kicking babe.

- I'm not leaving you behind!
- Morgana! Go, please! You must get help!

Oh, the ~angst~. Also, Lancelot/Gwen pretty much have the EXACT same scene later on, but with Gwen's role reversed. CLEARLY this is to show that Morgana's feelings for Gwen mirror Gwen's feelings for Lancelot. Yup.


- How can you be so heartless?! Gwen is the most kind, loyal person that you would ever meet and she's been more than a friend to ALL of us! And you would leave her at the mercy of those animals!
- Morgana...
- Have you no shame? Do you think of no one but yourself?
- Morgana...
- I knew you were many things, Arthur Pendragon, but I didn't know you were a GUTLESS COWARD!
- Morgana!

- Perhaps if you'd stop shouting at me for ONE second, you would notice that I am packing.
- *Morgana notices*...You're going after Gwen.

- Of course I'm going after her, what you take me for? * Morgana raises her eyebrow in respons*  I couldn't disagree with father in public.
- Arthur? ...Bring her home.

Aww, I LOVED the buddy-roadtrip-thing they had going on this episode.

Merlin: *proud of his work*
Arthur: What did you do?! I said distract them, not knock them out!
Merlin: *hurt stare* There's just no pleasing you sometimes.

LOL. Could they be more married?

- Did you get some rest?
- Couldn't sleep.
- I've never seen you like this. About anyone.
- What are you talking about?
- Gwen. You really...care about her, don't you?
- What I care about, is not wasting any more time talking. Let's get moving.

If you look at these pictures without context, it just looks like a classic "couple is lost somewhere, argues over the map" situation, no? :D

- We can save a day's riding if we go through the tunnels of Andor.
- Oh, no. I know that face. I'm not gonna like this, am I? What's in the tunnels?
- They're...infested with wilddeoren.
- What are wilddeoren?

- They're like GIANT...*sees Merlin's scared face*

...baby rats.
- Baby rats. They don't sound so bad.
- They feast on human flesh.
- Maybe we should go over the mountains.

- Wilddeoren are completely blind, they hunt by scent of smell. Gaia berries will put them off our scent. so we smear ourselves with them, perhaps we can pass through the tunnels undetected.
- OH, oh these stink! Oh, they're really bad.
- Perhaps you prefer to be eaten alive.
- ...pass me some more, will you?

- Aaah! I just stood on something!
- That was my foot.
- Oh, sorry.

- Gaia berries worked.
- You didn't know if they worked?
- Not for sure.
- NOW you tell me?! "Ooh, what's that wilddeoren eating? It's alright, just MERLIN."

- Well, they do say love makes you do strange things. 
- What are you talking about?
- Why can't you just admit your feelings for Gwen? It's so obvious! A blind man can see it! Is it really that hard to admit you like her? Just say it!

- I CAN'T! How can I admit that I think about her all the time? Or, that I care about her more than anyone. How can I admit that I don't know what I'd do if any harm comes to her.
- Why can't you?
- Because nothing could ever happen between us! To admit my feelings, knowing that, it hurts. Too much.

I love how Merlin starts out all happy, teasing Arthur and then his face gets all sad end he ends up feeling sorry for him.

- Who's to say nothing could happen?
- My father won't let me rescue a servant, you honestly believe he'd let me marry one.

- You want to MARRY Gwen?!
- No! No, no!...I don't know!...It's all talk. And that's all it can ever be.
- When you're king, you can change that.
- I can't expect Guinevere to wait for me.

- Come on, we have a long trek ahead. Oh! And Merlin, if you dare tell anyone about this, I promise I will make your life a living hell.

Merlin: more than you already do?
Arthur: *nods*
Merlin: We could talk about your feelings while you walk.
Arthur: Shut up, Merlin.

- Maybe there's another way in.
- Why don't you go knock on the front door, I'm sure if you ask nicely they'll hand Guinevere over to you.

OBVIOUS fake!climbling, lol.


- I could not believe my eyes when I saw it was you.
- I thought my mind was deceiving me.

They don't waste a second to start with the cheesy dialogue right out of a cheap romance novel, do they? :d

- I have thought of you often, have you thought of me at all?
- ...I thought I'd never see you again.

I so approve of that new scar. And Lancelot's smile.

bla bla bla, I have little to live for, bla bla, you are everything that's right in this world, bla bla, I didn't know I could feel this way about someone, bla, you have given me reason to live.
*bright smiles*

Both these scenes are so much hotter without the dialogue (see gifs).

And damn, I hate kisses-in-the-dark. Arthur/Gwen kiss >>>>>>> Gwen/Lancelot kiss in terms of pretty.

Gwen runs while Lancelot holds off the bad guys with a sword, Gwen hears a scream and turns around in ~angst~but keeps running, just like the Gwen/Morgana scene earlier!

- You can do what you will to me, I do not care. You can do no harm to Guinevere.
- Is that her name? A servant girl. And you really believe she's worth dying for?
- She's worth more to me than you will ever understand.
*Gwen gets brought in*
- You thought she got away! No...you failed her. And that must hurt you ~more than I will ever understand~


- I'm sorry! This is my fault!
- You've got nothing to be sorry for. You've reminded me of who I am. I die with faith in my heart. That is worth more than anything.

Aww. Still a bit cheesy, but also rather sweet.


- What are you doing here, Lancelot?
- I'm here to save Gwen. What about you?
- Likewise!

*sees Merlin on the floor*
Don't sit there cowering, let's go!


- I see you're still up to your old tricks, Merlin.
- It's probably best if you don't tell anyone about that.
I don't remember Lancelot knowing, but I'll take it. If he returns some episode, I hope we'd get some more Merlin/Lancelot good times.

*Merlin is shocked*


- I'm surprised you would undertake such a rescue mission, just the two of you.
- Father would not risk the lives of his knights for a servant.
- And yet you disobeyed him and came here anyway?
- Truth is, I only came because Morgana begged me.


 Gwen: I think I'll get some rest.

Arthur: I'm sure we all need some rest.
Lancelot: I'll stand guard for a while.
Merlin: I'll just...sit here, then.
heh. Also: awkward!

- He has feelings for her, doesn't he?
- ... What about you, do you have feelings for Gwen?
- My feelings don't matter. I will not come between them.

- Where's Lancelot? Where is he?
- He's gone.
- No.
- He said that some things can't be. And he wanted you to know that you've changed him forever.

Merlin is looking concerned and Arthur is looking sad and Gwen is crying and trying to hold it in and it is perfect and so very sad:(

I must say, I'm really glad we finally got to see Gwen's feelings in all this. (and Angel of course sold it all very well) And I like how they've set up the love triangle. She'll always have a ~special place in her heart~ for Lancelot, but we've seen a couple times now that Gwen just wants to move on with her life instead of dwelling in the past, and I guess that's what's she'll be doing now. And Arthur could fit into that, she clearly still likes him or thinks there's something between them, so she'll probably try to forget Lancelot (as she did before).

A happy end (for Gwen/Morgana anyway)

- Morgana. There's someone here to see you.

- Look on the bright side! You've still got me.
- Is that supposed to cheer me up?
- I thought it might.
- You really are a complete idiot, aren't you Merlin.

Random pretty

(feel free to take if you like, just don't hotlink!)

next week: nothing! Boo. The week after: the troll episode. The week after that: the troll episode. Because it's a two-parter. About a troll. On the other hand: Sarah Parish! And her & ASH make a gorgeous couple. Also, the synopsis promises lulzy things like "Arthur is horrified to see Uther flirt". Can't wait.

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