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I must say, I loved all Gwen/Arthur scenes this episode. Bradley and Angel have amazing chemistry, Gwen/Arthur is love and Gwen is the kind of person Arthur really needs in his life. But I do not like that they put ALL of these scenes in ONE episode. Slow down, show! They went through an entire relationship in 42 minutes. By itself, I loved the scenes of them getting to know each other better, having a first date, kissing, and breaking up, but I was missing some transition between those moments. I could see why Arthur would fall head over heels for Gwen this episode, but they spend half of the episode making it clear Gwen has a big problem with his attitude, and that attitude never changed but suddenly they have epic love so it's irrelevant? Though I predict we'll see more of her feelings about this in the Lancelot episode. (I hope so!) 

But as I said, the scenes by themselves were lovely:

- Is this my bed?
- ... of course! I hope you'll be comfortable.

- Goodnight, Guinevere.
- Goodnight, my lord.

- I think I'll take a bath.
- That might be difficult, since I don't have a bathtub.
- Really? Ehm, perhaps you could bring me a bowl of hot water. I take it you have a bowl.
- I think I can manage a bowl.

- So I'll walk aaall the way down the well and fetch some water then, shall I?
- *grunt*

- This is where you sleep? Where's your bed?
- You're sleeping in it.
- Why didn't you say something?
- How could I? You're Prince Arthur! Besides, you didn't give me the chance, you just assumed the bed was yours.

- How am I supposed to know if you don't tell me.
- You shouldn't need to be told to think of someone other than yourself. You're not a child!

- ... Is there anything else you'd like to say to me? Please, I'd like to hear it. If there's something you'd like to say to me, don't let me stop you.
That is so something Bradley would say:d

- You don't have any idea, do you?
- ...About what?

- About how rude and arrogant you can be!
- *blank stare*

This is MY home and you are my GUEST in it! I know you are used to more luxurious quarters, but that's not an excuse to be so rude! You claim titles don't matter to you, but you behave like a prince and expect me to wait on you like a servant! Saying it means nothing if your actions betray you! Would it kill you to say "please" and "thank you" once in a while?!

... my lord.
Heh. Go Gwen!

- ... Is there anything else you'd like to add?
- No, I think that's it.
- You're right. You have invited me into your home and I have behaved appallingly.
- I didn't mean to make you feel bad.
- Oh! Really.
- Well, perhaps a little.

- There's no excuse. I'll make it up you. Tonight! I will make dinner for you.
- You're going to cook me dinner?
- I most certainly am!

- You snore.
- :o I do not snore!
- You do! First night you were here I thought a pig had gotten into the house.
- So now I'm a pig? Thank you, Guinevere!
- I just meant you sound like a pig. ... I think I better stop talking.

- I'm not ashamed to be a servant. At least I'm not a liar!
- We had a nice meal together! What does it matter where it came from?!
- Because I thought you had shown me some humility! You'd done something kind for me, even though I'm just a servant! A good king should respect his people, no matter who they are.
- Guinevere...

- I know I have much to learn. There are some things that I am terrible at, cooking being one of them. Also...knowing what to say to someone I care about.
Arthur: *gazes into Gwen's eyes*
Gwen: * gazes back*
Violins: *play loudly in the background so we'd all understand this is a romantic scene*

Shup up, violins.

- One match...then the tournament will be over.
- And you can go back to being Prince Arthur.

Okay, I did like the way-too-loud music here:) Cheesy, but good. Also: PRETTY.

- What happened...while I was staying with you... I'm afraid my father would never understand.
- You don't have to explain. Perhaps, when you are king...things will be different.

Other things that happened:


Gilbert-fun (I did not recognize him at all!):

- Imagine you're really...arrogant. Knights always like to think they're better than everyone else.

- It's not arrogance! Ignore him, he's an idiot.

- Knights must behave with honour and nobility. That's....better? You must convince everyone that you were born into a noble family.
- Polish my armour, boy!

- Now you're getting the hang of it!

Merlin's rant (and facial expressions)

- Merlin, on your feet! Arthur may be away, but I'm not! Why is my leech tank still dirty? Where do you get the idea that you can sit around all day doing nothing?
- You think I sit around all day and DO NOTHING? I haven't had the chance to sit around and do nothing since the day I arrived in Camelot! I'm too busy running around after Arthur, "do this, Merlin, do that, Merlin!" and when I'm not running around after Arthur, I'm doing chores for you! And if I'm not doing that, I'm fulfilling my destiny! Do you know, how many times I've saved Arthur's life? I've lost count! Do I get any thanks? No! I have fought griffins, witches, bandits! I have been punched, poisoned, pelt with fruit, and all the while I have to hide who I really am, 'cause if anyone finds out, Uther will have me executed!  Sometimes, I feel like I'm being pulled in so many directions, I don't know which way to turn!
You're tearing me apart!
Aww, you tell him Merlin. Loved Gaius' reactions and Merlin's shocked face at the end when he realized what he just said. I hope all this "Merlin feels underappreciated and doesn't want to hide his secret anymore" we've had this season is leading up to one of the OT4 finding out Merlin's secret.


And next week: Morgana! FINALLY. And did I spot some Merlin/Morgana there?
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