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Well, this series certainly wasn't ANYTHING like I expected it to be, but..am I really the only one who liked it? anyone? ... anyone?
I get why people feel "this wasn't Torchwood", because Torchwood used to be Campy Fun, and this was Serious Drama. It was waaay darker than I usually like my series to be (and def. Torchwood) , but idk, I really enjoyed it, and I'm still thinking about it.

I loved what they did with Gwen&Rhys this season, by ep 5 I loved all the secondary characters, and the story was compelling. Am I sad Ianto's dead? Duh. But I don't mind his death: as stupid as him being in that building was, that's just what Torchwood is: the front line. Ianto knew that.

And yes, we had learned that lesson already with Tosh & Owen, but I think the writers wrote this series thinking there would never be another one (it wasn't that unlikely), and I feel Ianto's logical endpoint in TW was always gonna be death.

That said, I wouldn't object to him falling through the rift or coming back as a ghost or whatever if there's a series 4:)

- There's one thing I've always meant to ask Jack, back in the old days. I wanted to know about that Doctor of his. The man who appears out of nowhere and saves the world. Except sometimes, he doesn't. All those times in history, when there was no sign of him, I wanted to know why not. But I don't need to ask anymore: I know the answer now. Sometimes, the Doctor must look at this planet...and turn away in shame.

Oh Eve. You cry = I cry. Especially when you're crying about Ianto.

- You put me on camera and I will tell people the truth.
- Then your daughters would know where they're going? Best not.

- He was a good man, I want you to know that. John Frobisher was a good man. Because when the history of this is written, they'll talk about the ministers and the soldiers and the things with numbers for names. And I think people will forget, how very good he was.

- I don't even know your name.
- I protect the state. That's what I have to believe in. Protect the state.
Am I the only one who felt some serious vibes between these two? If it wasn't for Johnson helping to kill Alice' son, they'd totally be dating now.

Awesome PC Andy is awesome. And I'm even warming up to Johnny!

HELL YEAH! Who's the HBIC? It's Johnsoooon. I LOVE HER. Even if she did kill hot doctor Rupesh.
Can I just point out how much Johnson & Alice are totally eye-fucking here?

"yesterday", we had the government making plans to get millions of children killed and making sure their own were safe, and here we have Jack sacrificing his own to make sure millions of other children are safe. Sucks to be Jack or Jack's family, but it's what he had to do.

Also: big parallel with the Doctor, killing "your own" along with the baddies.

- Are you ever coming back, Jack?
- What for?
- Me! ... It wasn't your fault.
- I think it was. Steven and Ianto and Owen and Tosh and Suzie and... All of them. Because of me.

- I have lived so many lives...time to find another one.
- But they died, and I am sorry Jack, but you can not just run away. You can not run away.
- Oh yes, I can. Just watch me.

ugh, Eve was once again amazing in this scene. And again, a parallel with the Doctor: "he must look at this planet and turn away in shame..." and that's exactly what Jack does, except he's ashamed of himself. I do think Ianto's death was needed to get him here, not wanting to stay.
- Let's go home, yeah?
- Yeah...yeah.

Okay, so she still has Rhys and the baby, but people are hating her because she got a "happy ending" and...what?! In a very short time, 3 of her best friends died, the fourth one left to destinations unknown, she lost the job she loved and with that her way of life, and unlike Jack she can't just run away, she has to stay and be reminded of all those things.  Not exactly happy times.

So...now what?
If this isn't the end of Torchwood the series, it certainly is the end of Torchwood-as-we-know-it. And as a swansong, I feel this was perfect, so I think this should be it for Torchwood.
If there is a series 4, I kinda hope they change it drastically, as they'll need a new cast anyway. I know I'll be watching, hoping it won't we quite as dark as this one was, and hoping someone will watch with me:) I certainly wouldn't mind seeing HBIC Johnson again, put her in a team with PC Andy and you've already got comedy gold. right?

but now the most important question: is the soundtrack for this season available already somewhere?

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