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What to say about this episode? It was one of the best TW has ever had, and that last scene is now one of my favorite TW-scenes ever. But...it's Ianto, you know? I'd be okay with it if this was the final series, but I don't see how a Ianto-less Torchwood would work. I mean, I'd watch the Gwen&Rhys Adventures because I love them dearly, hell I'd watch the PC Andy Show, but it just wouldn't be Torchwood.

but I'm not angry at RTD or anything. I'm neither falling into a clinical depression nor feeling the urge to kill Rusty in the most painful way possible, which seem to be the only options available in the TWfandom right now. I'm just at "crying just thinking about it" right now:) The only problem I have is how they handled Jack/Ianto this season. If you're gonna kill him off anyway, why not give us some happy moments instead of Jack the Ass.

- This must've been eating away at you. Why didn't you tell me? I could've helped.
- No you couldn't.
- I tell you everything.
- Yeah? So Ianto tell me, what should I have done?
- Stood up to them. The Jack I know would've stood up to them. I've only just scraped the surface, haven't I?
- Ianto, that's all there is.
- No. You pretend that's all there is.
- I have lived a long time, I have done a lot of things. ... I've gotta go, I won't be long.

- You're doing it again. Speak to me, Jack! Where are you going?
- To call Frobisher. I can't make the call from here, 'cause they'd be able to trace it. Is that okay?
- ...You're the boss.

Say hello to the voice of the Daleks/Cybermen/Judoon/...! In his first human appearance in the Whoverse.

- Look, I'm gonna say what everyone else is thinking. If this...lottery takes place, my kids aren't in it.

- If we can't identify the lowest achieving 10% of this country's children, then what are the school lead tables for?
Yeah, that was chilling.

- Let's go stand up to them.
- Yes, sir!

I pretty much started crying here because it was obvious what was gonna happen.

Worst plan ever. Dear aliens who have no problem taking our children, if you don't stop, humans will be angry. ooooooh.

- A virus has been released. It will kill everyone in the building.

- We've gotta get you out of here. I can survive anything, but you can't!
- Too late. I've breathed the air.
- There's gotta be something. There's gotta be an antidote!
- You said you would fight.
- Than I take it back, alright! I take it all back but NOT HIM!

Yeah, that told me more about how much Jack cares for him than any "I love you too" could.

- No! nonononono, no! Ianto?

Dear Clem, I love you, but your death fails in comparison to Ianto's. Sorry!

- It's all my fault.
- No, it's not.
- Don't speak, save your breath.
- I love you.
- ...Don't.
   Ianto? Ianto! Stay with me. Ianto, stay with me, please. Stay with me, stay with me, please!

- Hey, it was good, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Don't forget me!
- Never could.

- In a thousand years time...you won't remember me.
- Yes, I will. I promise! I will.
   Ianto.Ianto! Dont go. Don't leave me, please. please? Don't .

This scene absolutely KILLS me. How Gwen takes a deep breath and balls her fists before going over to the bodies, that little sad smile she gives Jack, how she needs a moments before looking at Ianto's body, how she FIXES HIS TIE, and then just starts crying. God, those first two pictures of the last line make me cry everytime I see them. Sniiifff.

Screencap gallery, 1280x720

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