Dana (letsey_x) wrote,

What happened to the prettyness? 3x02 was so very pretty, and this one was so very not.

Let's start with the worst offender in Not Being Pretty: Hub2. I never thought I'd ever say this, but: this place looks even worse than the original Hub. And it doesn't even have the redeeming cool vault-door.

Jack bitches about his clothes for some reason I don't understand, because that shirt really works for him. He hasn't looked this good in a long time.

ROFL THAT WAS HILARIOUS. Especially the Ianto/Rhys fight.

- What did it feel like? You were blown up!
- Wasn't the best of days.
- But, did you feel it? Or did everything just go black?
- I felt it.
- ...shit.

- Do you ever think that, one day, that you won't come back?
- I'm a fixed point in time and space, that's what the Doctor says. I think that means it's forever.
- So one day, you see me die, of old age, and just keep going.
- Yeah.
ugghh don't let this be foreshadowing.

- Better make the most out of it, then.
- I suppose.
- Like right now?
- Ianto, the world could be ending!
- The world is always ending.

- Rhys, wanna take the car and go to the shops, we need some disks for these things. Should take about 20 minutes?
- 30 minutes.
- 30 minutes!
- I'll go later, the beans are almost done.
- The beans are almost done.
- Bloody beans.

God, I'm actually nervous for the next 2 episodes. Don't fuck it up, RTD!
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