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Once again I fail at getting this done before the next episode airs. But this one took a while because there was so much awesomeness that needed to be picspammed.

Badass Gwen is AWESOME. Let's also take a moment to appreciate the fact the she used 1)her teeth and 2) a heavy blunt object to fight off two guys that are bigger and stronger than her. Good girl!

Unexpected PC Andy!

- What are you doing?
- I'm packing.
- You're not going to have time to read, and they can trace us with that!
- Well, I don't know, I haven't gone into hiding before, have I?

- Now do you believe she's a terrorist?
- She shot the wheels?! *rolls eyes* what kind of terrorist shoots your wheels?hmm?

ROFL. PC Andy was just hilarious for every single second he was on screen in this ep!

- Well, let me carry the bag!
- Huh?
- You want your trigger-finger free, don't ya?

aww. Rhys loves being protected by his wive.

There's no such things as using too many Gwen/Rhys pictures in a picspam. Nope!

There's no such things as using too many pictures of a pretty scene in a picspam. Nope! Especially when it's got Ianto + Ianto's awesome sister (does she have a name?). "A thank you would be nice!" I love her.

Okay, I didn't love Lois as much as everyone else seemed to in the first episode, because she was just sitting behind a computer and taking calls. but this episode she actually started doing things and it was awesome. "I'm a PA, this is what I do!" 

Unexpected and awesome!

Hello there, Jack's butt. Ianto clearly likes the view of the other side as well:)

aaand on to the next episode!</div>

Screencap gallery , 1280x720.
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