Dana (letsey_x) wrote,

I've noticed a lot of people friended me lately. I'm assuming most of you have friended me for my icons, but if you didn't please tell me! There's 300+ people who have friended me, which is a bit much for me to go through all those journals:) If you friended me 'cause you think I'm cool and you're cool and we have tons of cool things in common, please say so now so I can add you back and we can be exponentially cool together!

Other things:
- I'm actually liking Heroes again! Okay, enjoying it at least. It's not without flaws (MOLLY EXISTS. Say it with me, writers!), but my love for the cast will probably keep me watching this show 'till it's canceled, so it's good not to feel like it's a chore again:) 
- I'm loving the new season of Skins. Except for Freddie and Cook, but everyone else is so awesome I'm willing to overlook that. Naomi/Emily must be my cutest OTP ever.
- Is there a start date for Torchwood yet? I'm far more excited about this season of TW than about the DW specials. Probably because the specials rarely are as interesting as the season arcs. Also, have you seen how badass Gwen looks in the new promos? It's weird that she seems to be the "front and center" instead of Jack, but I wouldn't mind that to be honest. I really hope for lots of badass Gwen (with some sweet Gwen/Rhys mixed in), snarky Ianto and fun&flirty!Jack.
- Freema looks FABULOUS in the Law&Order UK, but I refuse to watch Law&Order, even for her. Sorry,bb.
- I'm working on the request icons, don't worry;)
Tags: flist, heroes, skins, torchwood
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