April 12th, 2009

DW > Donna big world

these are a few of my random things

+ Back from Sweden! Stockholm is amazingly pretty. Lots of water, amazing architecture and nature and lovely designs everywhere. We were very lucky with the weather there (sunny and about 11 °C). Less so in Sundsvall where we stayed, though it was pretty cool to see the rivers being frozen and lots of snow when it wasn't actually freezing anymore. (yes, this is a weird thing for me) But I had a great time !
+ DW was...okay, I guess. Loved the arc-building in the last scenes and Malcolm. Though I was thinking the whole time Martha could've easily been written into this one.
+ The spoilery filming pics for the last DW specials are making me ridiculously happy. I hope it will actually make sense in the end, but just seeing everyone will probably shut down my rational-thinking-abilities anyway.
+ How great has Dollhouse come to be? Loved the last episode. I feel it's finally found the right balance between Joss-humour and intentional this-is-making-me-so-uncomfortable. Even if Elizah still can't do anything besides Faith.
+ Watch Kings, people. If Dollhouse+Kings get cancelled, 2 of my 3 must-download shows will be gone:(  
EDIT: apparently Kings has been cancelled already. Sigh.
+ New Ashes to Ashes starts monday the 20th! EEEE! I miss Alex's big hair, though.
+ I know I'm being ridiculously slow on the request icons but I'm getting them done, I promise.