December 11th, 2008

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Okay, the last episode of Heroes kinda made me feel hopeful for Volume 4 again, basically because Volume 3 never even happened in the show.
And then we got an interview with Bryan Fuller , which just reinformed me he does know what Heroes fans want, and even if he says some of the writing isn't what it should be (again) in Volume 4, he at least acknowledges it (big contrast to the usual Behind the Eclipe-smugness!) and says they're trying to fix it. 
And then we got an AWESOME casting spoiler, and now I am really looking forward to Fugitives.

Behind the cut are three spoilers that make me excited, none of them really spoilery so if you just want to get your hopes up without being too spoiled, don't be afraid to click!

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Pleasepleaseplease be good again, Heroes. Just don't listen too much to Tim Kring, mkay?