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Season finale .gifspam extravaganza!






Oh, boys.  


There were some great quotes too!
-  "Do you have any natural talents? " "No. Though...I'm not naturally rude or insensitive!" "Just naturally irritating."
-  Gaius?...That's an old wives' tale.
-  He can't die! We haven't done all the things we're meant to do!
  We know, Merlin, WE KNOW. Since EP1 there's been a LJ communitiy dedicated to "the things you're meant to do" with Arthur.
Whatever the price is, I will pay it gladly Aww. and stupid. 
You are going to live to be be the man I've seen inside of you, Arthur. For the love of Camelot, you have to live.
Gaius! I'm alive! haha.
-  I need to say goodbye to Arthur.
-  I sometimes wonder if you know who I am. 
   Oh, I know who you are!
   You're a prat! And a royal one.
-  Are you ever going to change, Merlin?
   No, you'd get bored! 
-  Promise me this, if you get another servant, don't get a bootlicker.
   Is this you trying to leave your job?
   No! I'm happy to be your servant. Until the day I die.
-  To have known you is my greatest pleasure. And to sacrifice myself for you is but an honour. You are, and always will be the son I never    had.

I'll let Anthony Steward Head express how I feel about this being the season finale already and about the fact that we'll probably have to wait a whole year for new episodes:

You know, if there were regular seasons for the Whoverse this year, we could've had Merlin -> Torchwood -> Doctor Who from september until summer. WE COULD HAVE HAD THAT.  
Does anyone know if there is a soundtrack in the works to keep us happy 'till next season?


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