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To make it easy for everyone wondering if they should watch Merlin: YES. YES YOU SHOULD.


Before you start wondering "where do I know these people from?" From the 6 regulars, 4 have been on Doctor Who.
Colin Morgan (Merlin) was the emo teen in Midnight, Anthony Steward Head (Uther) was in School Reunion, Richard Wilson (Gaius) was the doctor-turning-into-gasmask in he Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, and apparently Angel Coulby (Gwen) was "Katherine" in the Girl in the Fireplace.

1. Everyone being adorable with everyone

Aww. I love that everyone gets along with everyone. Well, maybe not Uther. But even he got a friend in Gaius and gets some admiration from Arthur. I especially love Merlin -and -Gwen's BFF gossip-scenes. And Morgana and Arthur bickering. And Gaius being worried for Morgana. And Arthur helping Lancelot. And Arthur helping Merlin with the help of Gwen. and ...

2. Merlin/Arthur

Even if you don't like slash, you'll like their dynamic. They've both risked their own life to save the other, they argue but they just as well joke with each other...

If you do like slash however, ooh you'll like this one! With quotes likes this:
"You'll be his manservant!"
"Prince Arthur wants you right now!"
"One half cannot hate the other half that makes him whole."
"You're dressed?!"
"You could say... there is a bond between us." "I'm glad. Take care of him."

3. Merlin's facial expressions


I think this one speaks for itself:)

4. Guest stars:
Eve Myles

Santiago Cabrera

Remember Isaac, the hot prophetic painter with a heroin addiction from Heroes? Well, he's Lancelot, the hot noble knight who's good in a fight now. Mmm. Also, instant slash with both Merlin and Arthur!

And next week: Joe Dempsie!(Chris from Skins)

5. Anthony Steward Head

I don't have to introduce him to you, do I? Didn't think so. He's still awesome, still acting the hell out of everything , still far too old for me to find him that attractive...*sigh*

6. Gaius

Snarky old wise men for the win! Aww he's just too cute. He's so proud of Merlin, even when everyone says he's an idiot, lol. You can tell he really likes having that boy around, even if it's a lot of trouble most of the time. I absolutely love it when Merlin and Gaius have to be sneaky together, you can really see the lights in Gaius' eyes start to shine :)

7. The funny

(lol it's usually not that silly or over-acted)


This show has a lot of unsubtle funny moments that make you shamelessly cry with laughter, but it has some great subtle hilarious looks or lines as well.

(after Merlin gets back from the stocks) "Have you been playing with your food again?"
"They were throwing potatoes at me! It's only supposed to be rotten fruit!"
"Have you some kind of mental affliction?" "Probably."
"So killing things mends a broken heart?" "No, but it's good fun!"
"Merlin is a wonder, and the wonder is that he's such an idiot!"

8. Shipper dragon

Snarky old dragons for the win! Especially this one, because it's the biggest Merlin/Arthur shipper out there. He constantly tells Merlin that Arthur is his ~destiny~, and this week he made Merlin promise his "magical sword" is to be wielded by Arthur alone. I think we all know what he meant by that!

9. Pretty, pretty Morgana and giggly Gwen

Morgana's not just extremely pretty, though ;) I love it when she's bickering with Arthur, standing up against Uther or just being nice to Gwen or Merlin. And Gwen is just as adorable as everyone else in the cast, but she's so giggly and happy and awww. :)


10. Pretty scenery

Woohoow! You've all started to download all episodes now, RIGHT?
caps from[info]_becca84_  and[info]awakencordy , animations from[info]wikked_angel_78 .


+ Since I got a paid account, my entries (even inside the cut) are still in my lay-out. Does anyone know if/how I can get it back to this? You know, with just the white background?  Answered, thank you!

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