Dana (letsey_x) wrote,

picspam: reasons why you love "journey's end" even though you hate it

I'm always sad so many people hate DW 4x13 "Journey's End" because of Rose/Donna's ending, as the 50 minutes before that are made entirely out of love.

I made all the caps myself, which means they were bad quality and the colouring on this picspam isn't what I wanted. Oh well, not the point of the picspam;)

1. Every companion that was ever in New Who...

... none of them bitchy or jealous, but instead just getting along and loving each other.

2. Donna out-flirting Jack

3. The funny part of DoctorDonna

Donna: You.are.BONKERS!
Doctor: Why? what's wrong with blue?
Donna: Is that what Time Lords do? Lop a bit off, grow another one? You're like worms!
Doctor: No no no no no, I'm unique. Never been another like me. 'Cos all that regenration energy went into the hand. Look at my hand!
I love that hand! But then you touched it, WHAM! Shh! Instantaneous biological metacrisis. I grew...out of you! Still, could be worse.
Donna: Oi! Watch it, Spaceman!
Doctor: Oi! watch it, Earth girl!
Oh. I sound like you. I sound all...all sort of...rough.
Donna: Oi!
Doctor: Oi!
Donna: Oi!
Doctor: Spanners, shhh! I must've picked up a bit of your voice, that's all. Is it? Did I? No! Oh, you are kidding me, no way!
One heart. I got one heart! This body had got only one heart!
Donna: What? What, you're like...human?
Doctor: Oh, that's disgusting!
Donna: Oi!
Doctor: Oi!
Donna: Stop it!
Doctor: No, wait... I'm...part Time Lord, part human. Well, isn't that wizard?

David+Catherine= comedy gold.

4. The Happiest Scene in the History of Doctor Who, a.k.a "Tardis orgy"

awwwwwwwww. right?

and because some gifs had to be made:

+ The Doctor Who Series 4 Soundtrack is fantastic (as expected). "Song of Freedom" and "Songs of Captivity and Freedom" in particular own my life right now.
+ After two years of the same one, I've finally changed my layout. It's simple, but I'm very happy with it!

Tags: .gifs, doctor who, picspam, picspammy, torchwood
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