Dana (letsey_x) wrote,

I was planning on doing an epic picspam of all my favorite tv-pairings, from OTP's to friends to enemies, but I only had time to make three. I already posted the Mylar picspam, and here are my two favorite Who-pairings!
(There are some pics of Jack&Ianto in the hothouse, so maybe not safe for work.)

Jack/Ianto - Torchwood

Hee, I remember when people already shipped Jack/Ianto before the show even started. In the first season they were some kind of "hee hee, HoYay! couple" with flirting and innuendo and a kiss. And that was all fun and hot and everything but I personally only started to see them as more in their scenes in 2x01. There was so much emotion behind everything they said. Now I love them so much because I can believe they really care for each other, I can imagine them just doing regular couples stuff together and enjoying it. The actors are so good in making small moments, small looks turn into so much more and I love that.

And they're secure enough of their love to invite Gwen to join every once in a while.;) And Rhys. and Andy. And us.

DoctorDonna - Doctor Who

Even though Runaway Bride- Donna wasn't yet as awesome as S4-Donna, that scene on the rooftop in RB already made me fall in love with the DoctorDonna-friendship. She's just exactly what he needs, to stop him and to encourage him to go on. He, in turn, shows her the wonders of the universe but shows her the dangers of it as well, which makes her think about things differently. I love that they just seem to get each other, I think the "Time lord code?" is the perfect example of that. I also love that they can have great fun together, but they're just as
interesting in the quiet, serious moments. *sigh* more of them, please?

Tags: doctor who, picspam, picspammy, torchwood
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