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10 shows you should be watching just because they're so very pretty


caps from Screencap Paradise


Even though most of the action takes place at night/in the dark/ underground, this show has so much colour! 
There are also a lot of pretty fight scenes and scenes in the Victorian ages. That's always a plus!
Prettiest episode: 3x13 Waiting in the wings - the ballet scenes are simply breathtaking, the whole gang dresses up and everything happens in a gorgeous theater!

Buffy the Vampire slayer
caps from Screencap Paradise

There's a big difference in cinematography between seasons 1-3 and 4-7. Seasons 1-3 were a lot darker and really had that atmosphere of horror movies. I personally think the later seasons are prettier, but they did lose some of that original atmosphere.
Prettiest episode: 4x22 Restless - the desert scenes never fail to amaze me, and every single scene is just so pretty!

caps from me

Look at it! Every scene looks like it's a painting come to life! The decors, from the dirty walls to the curtains, combined with the use of only soft light makes this so pretty and painting-like.
Prettiest episode: I haven't seen all seasons, but 2x6 Something very Expensive defenitely stands out.

Doctor Who
caps from In a Dream Gallery //  _jems// me

When it's bad, it is BAD. (low budget episodes, Dalek Sec, ...) The Pretty varies with every episode, but when it's pretty, it's really pretty. Lots of colours, pretty landscapes, good special effects,... 
Prettiest episode: 1x2 The end of the world - the scene where the Doctor takes the hand of Rose in front of the burning Earth is still number 1 on my Pretty Scenes-list. 2x1 New Earth is very pretty too.

caps from Can't Take the Sky

Firefly is in my opinion the prettiest of Joss Whedon's shows. The fact that it's always in a different world, brings something different to each episode. From the western-like episodes Jaynestown or Heart of Gold to the more sterile-looking world of Ariel, it's all pretty!

caps from Striped Wall // Heroes Media

The first season of Heroes is seriously a treat to the eye. Every scene had that comic book-style, and I really liked the idea of "different part in the world, different colour". Since most of the action took place in New York in S2, they couldn't do that anymore, which was a shame. Apart from "Cautionary tales" S2 wasn't nearly as pretty as S1. The promos for S3 make me optimistic, though!
If you want to know more about the cinematography of Heroes, I really recommend
Beaming Beeman, the blog of Greg Beeman.
Prettiest episode:
1x 20 Five years gone - the whole episode has a grim blue-green-ish tone, there's a lot of playing with light and everyone looks 50% hotter than usual.

Pushing Daisies
caps from Pushing Daisies TV

Watching this show, you really feel like you're in the middle of a fairy tale. Vibrant colours, pretty dresses, clothes that match the decor,...
Prettiest episode: 1x1 Pie-lette - See the first five pictures.

caps from Screencap Paradise

Every scene of Supernatural has these pastel-like colours, which isn't just pretty but also fits the mood of the show perfectly. There aren't bright, vivid colours in this show, but it does have a great atmosphere.
Prettiest episode
: I haven't even seen half of all the episodes, but 2x3 Bloodlust is pretty!

caps from Screencap Paradise

In the early seasons, every single scene of Smallville was just gorgeous. Someone must have mentioned sunsets/sunrises are pretty, because there was one at least every episode. The scenes also had this pink-orange glow which was very pretty! Since Greg Beeman left (S6), the episodes have lost a lot of prettiness...or maybe they're just not trying anymore.
Prettiest episode:
anything from S1 or 2, really.

Veronica Mars
caps from vm-caps.com

The pilot of Veronica Mars is just so mind-blowing pretty, and the whole series has such vivid colours.
Prettiest episode: 1x1 Pilot


Phew, I hope you enjoyed it and that you'll try out these shows!
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