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Does she have a name? I have no idea! Did she survive? Who knows! But she was cool. I wish the episode had focused on her instead of Alvar, who I thought was boring and that half-assed "romance" with Morgana was just unnecessary.


Aah, so cute and SO CREEPY. Though I like that so far, we've only seen him kill (violently and with great pleasure, but still...) out of self-defense. He has a good reason to hate Uther/Arthur/and now Merlin.


Aww, Mordred was so cute and child-like around Morgana! He genuinely likes her. AWWW.


Uh-oh, Mordred is NOT pleased!

Mordred: I shall never forgive this, Emrys. And I shall NEVER forget.

Merlin: *pees his pants in fear*


Morgana: *does NOT talk about her magic or Mordred*
Merlin: * does NOT talk about his or her magic or Mordred*

This is only the second time they've talked to each other one-on-one this season. THE SECOND TIME.

Arthur: Mor-ga-na. I never knew you cared!
Morgana: What are you talking about?

Arthur: I can look after myself, you know. It's a combination of raw talent and hard training, that makes me so...

Morgana: Yeeees, I know. That makes you so utterly OBNOXIOUS.

*cute faces*

Aaaaah, I've missed their bickering. *sigh*


Morgana: Thank you, Gwen, that'll be all.
Gwen: Nearly done!
Morgana: It's fine, Gwen! You can GO!
Gwen: Won't take a moment!

Gwen: *heartbroken*
Me: *cries*

Morgana: Gwen, could I have my sleeping draft?
Gwen: I didn't think you needed it anymore?
Morgana: Last night, the nightmares returned.
Gwen: *looks so very worried* Sleep well.

Oh, poor deceived, now very worried about Morgana, Gwen. :(


GUH, I loved this moment. So much tension!

Morgana: How many more must you kill before you're satisfied?
Uther: He was guilty. He confessed his crime. You heard him as well as I.
Morgana: His only crime was to defy you!
Uther: Why are you defending this man? He was a sworn foe of Camelot, you KNOW this.
Morgana: Is it any wonder he wanted you dead? You, who have persecuted his kind, day after day, year after year!
Uther: I will hear no more of this, Morgana!
Morgana: Because you're an arrogant fool! You are deaf and blind to the very needs of the people you professed to serve and protect! People will tolerate it no longer!

Uther: I said ENOUGH!
Morgana: They're rising up against you! ... From this day forward, I do not know you.

Morgana: From this day forward, I disown you.
Uther: You will go to your chambers!

Morgana: And you, Uther...You will go to hell.

Ooooh, he SO knows.

And everything else is just Random Pretty

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Next week: Morgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaause!

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