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I love episodes where pretty much everyone interacts with and/or talks about everyone.

Rawr. More of them, please.

- It's magic, Merlin. You're my friend, you know I wouldn't make this up!
- Of course.
- Then you believe me? ... You think it's magic too! Please Merlin, I just need someone to say it, so I don't have to keep feeling like I'm imagining it.
- .. I really wish there was something I could say.
Like, "don't worry, I'm magical too, nothing to be afraid of?" Something like that?

- I understand. I realize how frightening all this must be for you, especially for you.
- Why especially for me?
- You're the king's ward, you know his hatred of magic better than anyone.
- That's what you think has been happening to me? The dreams, the fire, you think it was magic!
- I'm not saying that!
- But it could be, couldn't it?
Gee Merlin, now would be a good time to tell her about your magic, wouldn't it?
- I really wouldn't know, but there are people who do.

- I'm sorry. I'm never going back. These are my people, they're like me. I don't feel so alone here. Do you understand?
- Better than anyone.

Why's that, Merlin? Tell her already!
But damn, the looks they're giving each other...

- I'll try to create a diversion.
- No Merlin, you can't!
- You carry on, it's my fault they're here! Go!
- I'll never forget this.

- I know now who I really am. And it isn't something to be scared of. Maybe one day people will come to see magic as a force for good.
- ehm...

Oh yes, Morgana has accepted magic as a part of her life, seems like the perfect opportunity to tell her!

It's good to have you back.


- It was magic, you know it was. And more importantly, so does she.
- Morgana knows nothing for certain.
- Which makes it even worse! She isn't sure what's happening to her, and it's tearing her apart.
- And what would you have me do?
- Talk to her! Tell her she'll be okay. Tell her her powers aren't something to be afraid of. Maybe I can speak to her?
- No Merlin, you can't!

- What makes you so certain you know better than me?
- Because I went through the same thing! I know exactly how she's feeling right now.
- You cannot get involved in this. No good can come of it. I mean it, Merlin! Stay out of it!

- Merlin, what have you done?
- What you refuse to, I helped her!

- I told you not to get involved.
- I had to, because you wouldn't even acknowledge she had magic!
- For good reason!
- No, you don't understand what it's like. The years before I came here were the loneliest of my life.
- Morgana is the king's ward. Her situation is completely different to yours!
- I know, I've got you! She hasn't!

- I've always taken good care of Morgana.
- It's not the same! Everything that's good and right about magic, I've learned from you! I'd be lost without you, Gaius! Like she is now.
YESYESYES. Merlin disagreeing with Gaius' drug-and-forget method of dealing with Morgana, and telling him he's been awesome with Merlin at the same time ♥

- I thought you'd be angry with me.
- I was. Right up until the moment you walked in. Now I'm just grateful you're back safe and sound.


- You've looked after that girl as if she were your own.
- That is what she's become. If she were to die, a huge part of me would die with her.

I can't wait until Uther finds out about Morgana's magic. I doubt he'd just chop her head off without a thought.


Gwen likes to watch Morgana sleep:)

- I can stay if that would make you feel better.
- You've done so much already.
- I don't mind.


Not much substance here, but just seeing them be happy to see each other is enough:)


- If she says she blew it out, I believe her.


- Ah, Merlin! I need you to- what are you hiding behind your back?
- Nothing! See?

- What are you up to?
- Nothing, honest!

- Arthur, I would never lie to you. I respect you far too much for that. You wanted me to do something?

- Merlin, what have I said about you trying to be funny?
- I shouldn't.

- So, where are my flowers? I heard Morgana got some. I assumed you'd be putting them in all the rooms. Or is she the only one to receive a token of your affections?
Hee, Arthur is jealous and wants Merlin to give him a token of his affections too! And yay for Arthur friendly teasing Merlin instead of bullying him.

3 for the price of one: Arthur/Merlin talking about Merlin/Morgana while Arthur thinks about Arthur/Gwen

- This has to stop. The king would have your head if he found out. There's no point in denying it.
- Denying what?
- Your affections for lady Morgana.
- Riiiiiiight.

- Stick to girls who are more...how can I put this...on your level.
- Thanks...

- She cannot be your friend...let alone anything else.
- Yeah, I know.

- You cannot hide anything from me, Merlin!
- Wouldn't dream of it.

Other pairings that interacted
The only ones missing from this ep are Arthur/Morgana and Gwen/Gaius.

The Druids

- Relax, Morgana. You're safe now.
- Who told you my name?

- I did.
- Mordred was able to sense your distress...with his mind.
Mordred * telepathically* : Hello, Morgana.
Morgana: *freaked out*
- Did you hear that? How did you do that?
- We don't always need words to speak to one another.

- Now I can take care of you, like you did for me.
Aww. And creepy.

- I've always been told magic is evil. That it corrupts your soul.
- Uther told you this. Just because he decrees it, doesn't make it so. In time, you will learn that magic isn't a dark art that should be shrouded in secrecy. It can be a force for good.

Mordred *telepathically* : Hello, Emrys.
Merlin: *freaked out*

Mordred: *screams*
Soldiers: *drop dead*
Merlin: *freaked out*

hehe. Creepy kid.

Random Pretty



And next week there's Lancelot (yay!), Morgana & Gwen kicking ass (yay!) together (double yay!), and Arthur treating Merlin like a friend by talking to him about his feelings (hooray!) .

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